New Birthday Party Ideas Roll Into Town

A party in a pick up truck pulling a trailor? Yes! I saw this truck near Montclair Avenue a few weeks ago and wondered what was going on. At least 10 teenage boys were hanging around outside. Apparently, they were waiting for a party with Rolling Video Games of Northern New Jersey. Outfitted with four wide-screen, hi-def TVs, up to 16 kids at a time can play Wii, PlayStation or Xbox video games. Each party comes with a Game Coach to get the kids all set up. Age-appropriate games are available for kids who are 7 on up.

Parents can rent the truck for 1 to 2 hours. The truck arrives, and the party rocks. Check out their website for prices.

If video games aren’t your kid’s thing, the same people own Rent My Bull, a company that provides creative party props like a mechanical bull, a giant inflatable fire truck slide, an inflatable sports arena, an ASPIRE climber, a dunking machine and several bouncy houses.

Rolling Video Games and Rent My Bull service the entire Baristaville area.

Party on!

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