Raisa Nosova’s Unique Art

Watch the video of Raisa Nosova’s iPad animation below and tell me you are not mesmerized.

Nosova, a classically trained painter who grew up in Russia, has been showing her work in her first solo exhibition (recently extended to March 4) at Gallery 51. Most of her work is traditional painting, but recently she began experimenting with iPad Brushes software and came up with these unique computer-generated paintings.

Andy Foster of Gallery 51 told Baristanet he “bought [Nosova] an iPad, showed her the basics of the program and that was that. I make the movies after the fact using conversion software.”

“The program is linear, so the order in which you create, render and bring elements into frame is critical,” Nosova said in a press release, adding, “The more I get into it, the more I love it.”

The twelve animations are playing on a loop in the window of Gallery 51 and they are available on iPad and computers when visitors enter. For more information, visit Gallery 51’s website.

Raisa Nosova “Spiderweb” animation at Gallery 51 from Andy Foster on Vimeo.

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