The PTA Council of Montclair To Keep Families In The Know With Monthly Bulletin

Keeping track of all the going-ons of your child’s school is tough, especially when you are a working parent and not involved in the PTA. Montclair’s PTA Council has decided to send out a monthly bulletin to keep all families informed of the goings-on in each school and promote the idea of “One District, One Community.”

Below is February’s bulletin:

    How can I help?

  • Montclair Public School students need your votes. Please vote every 24 hrs and help win a patent for our invention, The Cleansing Conveyor.  With at least 3-4 votes per family and contacts made to friends, family and colleagues, our totals should grow exponentially.

To continue voting every 24 hours for the Montclair Public Schools, please vote for the Cleansing Conveyor.  Use our Montclair Public School website; click on “Good News” and then click the link that says “here”. Last, “vote now”. Glenfield’s robotics Innovation Award team, G-Force Innovation Award Team, has decided to enter a contest to get a patent for its invention, The Cleansing Conveyor.  The Cleansing Conveyor is a self-cleansing conveyor belt that can be used in stores, factories and lunch rooms. The team with the most online votes wins.  Please spread the news and vote once EVERY 24 hours (you must wait 24 hours to vote again).  Please use all phone and mass communications. Please ask your friends, family, co-workers, Facebook friends, twitter, parish and synagogue members, and anyone else to vote for us. This is an international contest, so include anyone who lives in other states or countries.  Please help increase our chances to win.

  • Please register by Wednesday, February 1 for World Book Night. World Book Night is a program through which publishers are donating 1,000,000 books to be distributed by people on April 23rd. Each person can register, pick 3 choices from a list of 30 books, describe WHO, WHY and HOW they will give the books out. You will receive 20 free books to distribute! This is to encourage reading and the love of books. You can pick a sports team, the staff of one school, a nursing home, the HS cafeteria – be imaginative!!! For more info and to register You must register by Wed, Feb 1st!!!!
  • Please turn in your nominations for the Weston Awards for Excellence in Teaching to your PTA President by March 14, 2012.

    What’s happening in our Schools this month

Elementary Schools

Bradford School

  • February 6-10: “University Experience” – Last period of each day of this week will be used for an academic enrichment mini course.

Bullock School

  • February 11: “International Night” – Bullock Dads Group put on a festive feast for families

Edgemont School

  • February 11: “Family Ski Night” – 2nd annual family ski night at Hidden Valley
  • February 1-28: “Spring Book Fair”
  • February 24: “Author Visit”

Hillside School

  • February 3: “Talent Show” – Come see the talented kids rock the house!

Nishuane School

  • February 10: “School Spirit Day” – Show your school spirit today!

Northeast School

  • February 4: “Geography Bee” – 10th annual geography bee

Watchung School

  • February 10: “PTA Dance”

Middle Schools

Glenfield School

  • February 10: “Red Dance”

Mt. Hebron School

  • February 3: “Comedy Night” – Standup comedians Eric McMahon and Melvin George II performing

Renaissance School

  • No updates

High School

Montclair High School

  • No updates

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