These Montclair Kids Know Geography

Northeast Elementary School‘s 10th Annual Geography Bee took place in a packed auditorium last Saturday in Montclair. All students were encouraged to register and go for the geo–and half of the school population participated, setting a new record. For all of you parents about to go on the kindergarten tours, Northeast is the Global Studies magnet.

For the purposes of practice and school spirit, I put my 6-year-old twins on the team called Kindergarden Global Girls. They were the first kids eliminated from the competition. The questions was: “What is the capitol of Indiana? Richmond or Indianapolis?” My girls got it wrong even though their mother–me–is a Hoosier.

Team Geo Dudes fared much better. Fourth graders Sarab Johar, Remy Katz and Nate Bauer won first place. They won a private tour of the New York City Public Library’s map room.

So, do you know the answer to the winning question? “The Chattahoochee River runs through which state–Washington or Georgia?”

Click to the jump for the answer…“Georgia”

Other questions were tougher: “Which country has a border along the Red Sea–Eritrea or Syria?” and “What is the name of the tiny country that sits on the border between France and Spain?”

The 2nds and 3rd place teams got the answers right: Eritrea and Andorra. Kudos goes out to those kids, too. The runners up were the Cartography Crew, fifth graders Rob Chiaravalloti, Will Friend and Joe Fischer. Third place went to the Flying Dutchmen, fourth graders Max Esposito, Finn Jenkins and Jeffrey Crittenden.

A special thanks goes out to the parents who volunteered, especially PTA co-president Alison Bauer who spearheaded the event. Another thanks goes to guest emcee Chris Shearer, former Director of the National Geographic Education Foundation.

Oh Indianapolis… At least there’s always next year.

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