What ‘dat Big Purple Truck?

Unless you have been living under a boulder, you may have noticed that food trucks have become all the rage. TFQ-The French Quarter in the big purple truck is the area’s newest edition to gourmet food on four wheels.

Owner and chef Jason Cervone worked in the French Quarter in New Orleans for Emeril Lagasse at NOLA, then returned home to Bloomfield after Katrina hit the city that care forgot in 2005. Jason then decided to put his training to work for Baristaville and opened a food truck.


My five year old (who loves all trucks) and I tried the Jambalaya. I have to say it was the best I have ever had, but worried it might be a bit spicy for my child. He looked at me and said, “Say what Momma? Could I just please have some water?” The menu is filled with all of your classic Big Easy favorites from muffaletta to gumbo, all very reasonably priced.

Look for the TFQ’s truck this Thursday on Chestnut St. between Park St. and North Fullerton (or on N. Fullerton) in Montclair or check their website calendar for their location.

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  1. Your son has excellent taste. This looks great – we already have so much so mush Sushi and Middle Eastern,(and Indian now, thanks to Brick Lane) it’ll be nice to be able to have another tasty choice.

  2. Cartoon in this week’s “New Yorker” cracked me up: guy standing in front of a NYC food truck. Truck has “three star” rating on side. Guy in truck says “the stars are for the tires.” Way to go, Michelin…

  3. Hmmm, wonder if they’d make a no meat Muffaletta like you can get at Central Grocery. I’m craving some olive salad.

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