Forget Beer Goggles We Have Beer Hats!

Correction: the West Orange St. Patrick’s Day Parade is this Sunday, March 11 at 12:15 (not Saturday). For more information, visit the website.

Accents on Flowers

We have always found the Irish a bit odd. They refuse to be English. -Winston Churchill

Irish and More

Hey, when you are as fun the Irish why would you want to be anything else?? Speaking of fun it is time to break out the wacky hats and raid the closet of every item you own that is green and throw it all on for the big St. Patrick’s Day Parade in West Orange this Saturday Sunday! What is that you say ? You don’t own any of these things? Wait, you say you gave away your favorite giant green hat to a woman with big pints at the pub last year????

Well, that is great news because clearly you are the type of person who should be at the parade wearing a hat shaped like a giant mug of green beer. Yes, you are, don’t deny it. Throw on some green shamrock shades, a green tee and a warm shamrock hoodie over it and my friend you are parade ready. Here are the hot spots I found for green gear:

Irish and More:
The name pretty much sums it up. Everything Irish from sweatshirts to ties to pint glasses to the classic Irish wool sweaters that last a lifetime and Irish nibbles ( the real Cadbury, not the shite you get here). Take a looky-loo at the slide show below to see more.

No. 165 Maplewood

Accents on Flowers-Yes, this is where you can get that Beer Mug Hat! They also have other crazy green hats in every shape and size, green shamrock sunglasses, decorations and lovely shamrock shaped jewelry. They also will be getting in green carnations and bells of Ireland closer to the 17th.

No. 165- This lovely little Maplewood store has the softest St. Pat’s Day tee shirts. The type of shirts that look nice on and you will wear all year not just in March.


Edge Mid-Century Designs

Edge Mid Century Designs- If the shenanigans of a parade is not your cup of Irish coffee but the idea of staying in your warm home and sipping one is, well, you and I are on the same page my friend. I found these fantastic vintage Irish coffee cups at Edge. They tell you how much whisky, sugar, coffee and cow to add (personally I think the whiskey marker and the coffee marker could be interchanged).

 ShopRite of Brookdale is stocked with corned beef and cabbage, Irish soda bread both baked and lovely kits, those odd little Irish potato confections, and every kind of green flower from here to County Cork. I made the arrangement (pictured below) from bells of Ireland, daffodils and greenish hydrangeas all from the Shop-Rite floral department.

Both Metropolitan Plant Exchange and Ploch’s Garden Center have those cute little clover looking plants called oxalis in stock. These are the most forgiving of house plants as well as lush and green. Don’t toss them if you think they are dead! Just water them and little green shoots will start to pop up in a week or so.

Flowers from Shop-rite

So Baristaville, what shade of green will you be wearing this month? Green-beer-hat-wearing green or no- thanks-but-pass-the-Irish-coffee green? For all of those heading out to the parade I have it on good authority that Mr. Lucky will be there so keep your peepers open.



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  1. Mine, too, Ann. I’m bummed I have to miss the parade this year because I have a birthday party to attend. O’bummer!!!!!

  2. Anne, I have some green shoes for you!!!! Just be sure to wear a neck brace while wearing them.

    Herbie that beer hat has your name written all over it!

  3. Thanks Holly but Herbie was running around the city yesterday and was over served by NYC’s finest bartenders. That looks like just a little too much to be considered the hair of the dog.

  4. My least favorite holiday of the year. Idiocy, largely drunken idiocy, passing as somehow an appreciation of a wonderful Irish culture. Excuse for adults and kids to get sloshed. Beer hats, guys peeing in the street, girls falling down drunk at Penn Station, fights in bars, all wonderful stuff.

    “That’s our hell. It’s an Irish bar where it’s St. Patrick’s Day every day forever.”
    – Christopher, The Sopranos

  5. I didn’t realize that yougottalovehim was at my house last year! I wish someone had introduced us!

    If you’re here again this year, a cara, say hello!!!

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