Is Alicia Silverstone Clueless?


I really hate to jump on the “judgmental parent” bandwagon, but I can’t help myself after seeing actress Alicia Silverstone’s video on her blog The Kind Life.

She shares with pride:

I just had a delicious breakfast of miso soup, collards and radish steamed and drizzled with flax oil, cast iron mochi with nori wrapped outside, and some grated daikon. Yum! I fed Bear the mochi and a tiny bit of veggies from the soup…from my mouth to his. It’s his favorite…and mine. He literally crawls across the room to attack my mouth if I’m eating.

It’s a little early for an April Fool’s Day joke right?

No, this is real. Let’s get past the weird “mother bird” type of feeding she does with her son, whom she named Bear (that’s a sign of strangeness right there). Doesn’t Alicia Silverstone know anything about swapping germs? I’m not at all a germ-phobe, hell I’m even okay with a mom kissing her children on the mouth, but chewing food and then spitting it into your child’s mouth grosses me out.

What do you think?

(Photo of birds)

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  1. Thanks GG I just puked in my mouth (and no I’m not going to french kiss it into my kids mouth).

    She wants you to judge her. Classic Hollywood “I need attention”.

    I could have gone all day without seeing that and now my whole morning is ruined, make it the whole week….no month. You ruined my whole month and now I have to take the whole week off.

  2. I can’t wait until he grabs for the breast when he is like 16. That is just too flipping bizarre!

  3. Gross, it looks like she’s french kissing her child.
    I agree w Holly–seems like she’s doing it for attention. Why else would she post it to her blog?

  4. YES… SHE IS CLUELESS!!! OMG – that was gross. It’s not like she just put it in her mouth and then transferred it quickly into his (which is gross)… but she was chewing it for a while before she spit it in his mouth! YUK. We are not gorillas! We have evolved a little and by the way, Alicia, kids actually do know how to eat by themselves!

  5. lol! I think we live isolated lives in this country. Premastication has been around as long as people have been around. It’s not something that you see in most modern countries, but in many places in the world today baby food is not readily available or not something that many can afford, so many kids learn how to transition to solid foods this way.

  6. While I would not particularly want to watch someone feeding their kid this way, State Street Pete is right, it is more of a cultural thing here that we wouldn’t do this. And Americans in general are way too germ-phobic as it is. My grandmother used to say “You have to eat a peck of dirt before you die,” and we don’t let our kids anywhere near dirt anymore, not even germs, with all of our antiseptic antibacterial soaps and cleaners. No wonder kids all have asthma and allergies, etc., they have built up no resistance to anything. Of course if the mom has a case of the flu she shouldn’t be doing it, but if she’s perfectly healthy then it’s probably not a risk to the child. But yes, it probably also is a bid for attention on her part.

  7. I don’t think this is a matter of being sheltered. If you spend enough time in 3rd world countries you see things that you won’t here.

    I have been places and seen mothers wait for leftovers from people eating in restaurants. They would grab them quickly before they were shooed away. I don’t think that is at all gross. It is sad and nessesary for some people to live like this.

    Once you video yourself and your child doing something stupid like this it and post it for the world to see it is all about you.

    I’m sure her kid will love the teasing he gets later in life when his classmates find this. Thanks Mom for always putting yourself first!

  8. I love Alicia Silverstone. But I love her a little bit less after seeing this. State Street Pete: While I thoroughly enjoyed your wiki lesson on premastication, I want to remind you that we have mini choppers here. They’re like $11.99 at KMart. Heck, we even have this stuff that comes in a jar called baby food. I’m Alicia wouldn’t stoop to the level of buying Whole Foods organic, vegan baby food, but still. Rick Santorum excluded, we’re living in a First World country.

    The only time I chewed up food and gave it to my kid was when I took the last piece of gum out of my purse and popped it in my mouth in front of my 4-year-old. He wailed at my rudeness, and he got what he wanted: ABC gum. I’m going to let you guess whether or not I made up this story.

  9. I guess I’ve retained more crunchy-hippy-nature attitude than I thought. While I have not done much premastication for my children, it doesn’t gross me out too much.

    Also, Alicia is a vegan, and her philosophy probably carries over into avoiding processed foods (even super natural processed foods!) in general. As SSP mentioned, it’s not all that unusual to chew foods for children – even in first world countries. When I lived in Spain, I saw it happen occasionally, especially when families were out to dinner and expected the children to eat “adult” food.

  10. I’m gonna be a little contrarian here… Is this something I’d do? No. However, it is a practice that is used by many, many people around the world in developing countries where baby food is not easily available. Just because we’ve developed beyond that doesn’t mean that there is something “wrong” with it. Fact is her child is probably getting a much healthier than the stuff that big baby food companies jar up.

    As far as the germ swapping… You swap as many germs with your kid when you give them kisses.

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