Montclair Super Frank Alvarez Heads to Rye

The Rye City School District announced tonight that Frank Alvarez — departing superintendent for Montclair — will be their next superintendent. He will be introduced to the Rye community next Tuesday at 6 p.m. and will start a five-year contract on July 1.

Alvarez will replace Edward Shine, who served as Rye’s superintendent for 16 years and retires June 30.

Alvarez stunned the school board with his sudden announcement last month that he would be leaving his job. In his Feb. 7 resignation letter, he gave no reason for his departure.


  1. Alavarez most likely signed on for 250k per year or more, based on the outgoing salary of Rye’s former super. He left two years early on his Montclair contract due to Christie’s new cap. Cuomo appears to be setting up for a cap as well, so now Alverez has locked in his 250K for the next five years by locking in this contract before Cuomo caps super salaries at his proposed 175K limit. Plus, Alvarez can now collect his pension and benefits from two different states. It’s good to be the king! Or at least to be paid like one.

  2. Stu – Wish Mr. Alvarez showed that kind of shrewd financially thinking when he was running Montclair schools.

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