Muscle Maker, Mancinni’s Moves In

Mexicali Rose on South Park Street has officially closed, but a Muscle Maker Grill will be taking its place.

Help wanted signs and a menu have been posted in the window. Muscle Maker is part of a growing franchise that boasts a variety healthy convenience food at moderate prices.

According to their website, they offer “freshly prepared Italian and Tex Mex wraps, pastas Asian entrees, salads, burgers and more.”

Rod Silva, fitness enthusiast and restauranteur, opened Muscle Maker in 1995 in ColinaColonia, N.J. There are currently over 40 spots in the state.

Mexicali Rose officially closed in January, when signs in the window stated that the property had been seized by law enforcement.

No word yet on when Muscle Maker will open.

The former home of The Southern Belle on Bloomfield Ave., remains unoccupied with no signs yet as to what will replace it.

But if you’re looking to grab a hot slice of ‘za, check out Mancinni’s Coal Oven Pizza at 438 Bloomfield Ave. when it opens next Friday, according to a note posted in the window.


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  1. I think this franchise is one I use to frequent when I worked in Edison, and it was great. They opened one near my office in Roseland but I haven’t had time to leave the building for lunch in ages. Has anyone tried them ?

  2. It’s actually Colonia, not Colina. It is located in Woodbridge Township, about a half-hour drive down the Parkway.

  3. There is currently one in Clifton in the Allwood shopping center and one on Franklin avenue in Nutley. i have tried them both (the menus are very similar). I would say the food is basic (i.e. no-frills), tasty and you can feel pretty good about eating it health-wise.

    If you are interested in seeing a menu

    they also started offering breakfast, which i haven’t tried.

  4. I had a chance to stop by Mancinni’s last night to try their pizza. I have good news – the pizza is marvelous and the people are very nice. If I can find a parking spot again I’ll most certainly be back.

  5. Same here, Nick. Had the Classic on Tuesday and it was great. Crispy crust and fresh ingredients.I fear the location could do them in.

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