Name that Irish Cocktail

When St. Patrick’s Day themed cocktails come to mind most of us think of Irish coffee or green colored mystery-cocktails that taste like mouthwash. I’m going to let you all in on a little secret as long as you promise not to tell anyone: you do not need to use nasty flavored liquors or mixes to make green cocktails. You can green it up on your own with a tiny bottle of food coloring from the grocery store. (Let’s just keep this little secret between you and me, ok?)

Now you are saying to yourself, “Holy Hannah, Holly! This is truly life changing information. You mean I no longer have to suck down Creme de Menthe or glow-in-the-dark appletini mix to enjoy a green colored bevy?” No, you don’t, and as for why anyone has ever subjected themselves to a toothpaste-tini is beyond me. If I’m craving a green apple Jolly Rancher, well I’m going to have a Jolly Rancher, not some crapped up cocktail with enough sugar to send me in to a diabetic coma. Now please pass the whiskey!

I feel whiskey is one of those drinks that doesn’t need or want too much company. So in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, and as I write this remotely from my home state of Michigan where I out ran a twister yesterday (wow, did I pick the wrong week to give up whiskey), I have created a slight “twist” on a traditional whiskey sour.

Here is how you mix it up:

  • One shot of Irish whiskey
  • 2-3 shots of Lemon soda
  • Lime or lemon
  • Green food coloring (optional)

In a rocks glass, pour in whiskey and lemon then add a squeeze of fresh lime or lemon–add both it you are feeling lucky! Garnish with a strip of lime zest and if you feel the need to go completely green, add a drop of green food coloring.

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  1. Emerald Delight…and, Holly is also right in suggesting to go over and visit Edge – Rich & Dave, owners, have a great selection for your mixed drinks, and decor for your home/party.

  2. (Fran Liscio and Debbie together): Green Bush … Kelly Belly Bushy Tushy … The Troubles… Be Sloshed and Gomorrah…Leprecan’t…Lymon the Mood for Love… Hepatitis O’Malley…

  3. Irish whiskey profaned by “Lemon” soda? And food coloring to boot? That’s not an approximation of a sour, it’s an abomination. Really, Holly, give it up, give it up right now. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    As should everyone who took this horror seriously enough to suggest names for it.

  4. God help me. I agree with cathar.

    We Irish ahve long since resigned ourselves to the stereotypes. Why? Well, because in large part, they’re true!

    But screwing around with Irish whiskey (note the “e”)?

    As we say in Irish, it’s an infamnia!

  5. Erin Go Holly

    Holly Go Bragh

    I think Holly is too young to have been a 60s bra burner, so I won’t say Holly Go Bragh-less.

  6. Grink (having one would be “Grinking”…and some to many…you’re “Grunk”
    Happy Saint Patricks Day!!

  7. From my 9 year old niece an hour before this posted she came up with more names than I could write down but the best was “Four Leaved Cocktail”.

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