Sharon Goldman: Paying Tribute to Joni’s “Blue”

Women know about the power of girlfriends — but how about an entire posse of female empowerment? For the past decade, nearly a dozen NYC and NJ-based women (including myself) have been part of an informal NYC-based musical girlfriend posse called the Chicks with Dip — singers and songwriters all, we convene regularly for afternoons filled with songs, wine, chips and dip, and lots of girl talk that ranges from the silly to the sexually explicit and from the emotionally raw to the political.

Over the years, we have laughed, cried, gossiped and performed together — and supported each other through 10 years of ups and downs: The loss of Kirsten’s father; the birth of Carolann’s son; Meg’s marathon success; Allison S.’s wedding; Allison T.’s dating dilemmas; Elisa’s husband’s brain tumor; and my own divorce — not to mention moves, job changes, unemployment, band breakups and writer’s block.

Our most serious struggle was when Victoria was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008.The gals swooped in to provide food, transportation, babysitting, and emotional support, as well as a fundraising performance in 2009 that raised over $5,000 towards Victoria’s treatment.

On March 30, we are bringing a wonderful show to Montclair, NJ’s Outpost in the Burbs concert series called “Joni Mitchell’s ‘Blue’: a 40th Anniversary Tribute.” The second installment of a successful show we did in Manhattan in January, we will perform the entire “Blue” album in order, as well as our own songs inspired by Joni.

The Outpost show will be held on March 30 at 8 p.m., at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Montclair, 67 Church Street, Montclair. Tickets are $20 and available in advance or at the door.

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  1. My husband makes fun of me for being a middle aged ex-hippie when i bring out the Joni (like that scene in Love Always). Sounds great though….I love her music and think of here whenever I’m walking around Laurel Canyon.

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