Tebow Traded to Jets: Update

Tim Tebow (credit: Jeffrey Beall, Wikipedia)

As of late last night, the deal was sorted out and Tebow is officially joining the Jets.  The Jets also agreed to pay half of the $5 million sum, according to NJ.com.

Update, 8:57 p.m.: After a contract-related snag threatened to derail the Tebow/Jets deal late this afternoon, ESPN is reporting that the quarterback himself will be allowed to choose whether the Broncos will send him to his hometown Jacksonville Jaguars or to the New York Jets.  

According to the ESPN article, the dispute concerns Tebow’s $6.2 million salary advance, of which $1.2 million already has been paid by the Broncos, leaving a $5 million difference advanced against his future salary — which the Broncos say will be the Jets’ responsibility if he is traded to that team.  The Jets, not surprisingly, disagree.   

Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow will be playing for the New York Jets, according to an article on NJ.com as well as other sources.  The Jets gave up fourth and sixth-round picks in exchange for Tebow and a seventh-rounder, NJ.com reported.

The article also mentioned that the Jets were ” intrigued” by Tebow’s ability to run the Wildcat offense, which was engineered by new offensive coordinator Tony Sparano during his time as head coach of the Miami Dolphins.

The move was precipitated by the Broncos signing of Peyton Manning earlier this week.

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  1. Ha ha! A great day to be a Giants fan. The Jets circus continues. The front page of ESPN currently has a poll about who should be the Jets starting QB, with Tebow winning. What happens the first time Sanchez throws a pick?

    Add to that the heavy suspensions meted out to the Saints, and I can’t wait for the season to start again.

  2. The Jets Zoo continues and I love it. The only downsize is Tebow is a good guy who will get pounded by the NY media.

  3. My Jets season tickets are going right onto to EBAY for 3X face if he is QB. I will go to opening game, then “pray” for the playoffs…

    I’m going to profit of this Tebowmania!


  4. Tebow’s prayers were answered. The Bronco’s will win the Super Bowl this year.

    Hasn’t been this much attention focused on a white Bronco since the OJ trial.

    I’ll be here every Wednesday night . . . .

  5. …somewhere, deep in the labyrinths weaving under Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts, Bill Belichick is laughing his dupa off.

  6. (Nothing like witnessing the “be-kind-to-everyone-except-Christians” ethos of secular liberals first hand.)

    I guess we can look forward to more Teabow/Jesue/God jokes. FUN!!! (Who will be the firs to repost the SLN skit?)

    But dare make fun of any other religion/religious observance and you’ll be called out.

  7. The attempts at anti-Christian witticisms really don’t do this site, or the “progressiveness” of its posters, proud.

    Walleroo, is this the sort of “just abd civil” atmosphere we should be aspiring to? Would you be chuckling so if the comments had been about the presumed religious beliefs of an NFL player with a name like, oh let’s say, Muhammad?

  8. oh, the oppression of christians in this country!


    not in the same week that candidate santorum is sitting by while a pastor tells all non christians to “get out” of america.


  9. First of all, its not Christianity that gets made fun of. Its Tebow’s insistance on his drawing attention to how Christian he is.

    Second, oh you poor Christians! You only control every important political body in the country. Cry oppression when an athiest wins a race for dogcatcher. Or when someone gets up in front of Congress and declares that this country was founded on secular principles.

  10. Really, walleroo, when you’ve stooped to the level of defending these mis-aimed “jests above…?

    If you persist, however, I can suggest some nice jihadist-stuffed mosques in Paterson where you should certainly feel free to tell jokes along the lines of “A Shiite, a Sunni, an Ismailite and a Maronite Christian walk into a bar…”

  11. And mike91, you too sound pretty foolish this morning. (You do have the excuse of not being a brain surgeon, of course.) “Oh you poor Christians?” What does that mean?

    Neither you nor dear walleroo, I suggest, would find it terribly comfortable to live ina country like Saudi Arabia. There, they really don’t get it when someone suggests that the religious police “just lighten up.”

    Oh you non-believers! Whatever that means.

  12. Pardon me. I won’t be posting for the next 5 minutes while I pause to pray for Tim Tebow’s soul, and his throwing arm, and the Jets’ ability to beat the spread, upon which my winnings depend. Oh Lord! I must make amends!

  13. “Oh you poor Christians?” What does that mean?

    Sorry, cathar I forgot sarcasm rarely works on someone so slow on the uptake.

    And as as been pointed out as many times as there are stars in the sky, your suggestions that we wouldn’t want to live in Saudi Arabia are idiotic. Its like saying, “you think the air is polluted here, try living on the moon!”

    And as per your usual, you fail to address my main point: which is that no one is making fun of Tebow’s Christianity. We’re making fun of his endless need for us to pay attention to it.

  14. Question 1 for silentnomore:
    Will the Mormon church attempt to baptize the entire local chapter of “Jews for Tebow” in the distant future?

    Question 2
    While alive, will your spiritual leader be the Tebow-vitcher Rebbe?

  15. Frothing haplessly again, Mikey91?

    There’s nothing much wrong with bearing witness for one’s faith. I believe even the Koran urges it.

    But it’s assuredly not the done thing on this site. And you were being, uh,”sarcastic” above? How does that differ from your usual vein of sputtering? (“Progressive,” I’m sure, but sputtering all the same.) I can never tell in your exceptionally windy, but empty, usual case.

    Spiro T, as best I understand the unsettling Mormon practice of baptizing past generations (I saw them several times dressed in period-appropriate costumes taking breaks outside the Temple in Salt Lake City, I think you have to be dead first before they can do so. Not simply intellectually arid as so many of the “jokes” are above.

  16. I was led to believe that a Jets fan is a different animal from a Giants fan. More raucous — Jets fans get drunk, stand over the stairs, and scream “Show us your tits!” to female passers by. Which makes the coming of Tebow very funny. Maybe Cathar, if he objects to the line of comments, needs to start a thread on curling.

  17. There’s nothing much wrong with bearing witness for one’s faith. I believe even the Koran urges it.

    Matthew 6:5:
    “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men. I tell you the truth, they have received their reward in full.”

    I can never tell in your exceptionally windy, but empty, usual case.

    You calling someone “windy” may be the most ironic thing that has happened on Baristanet ever.

  18. If my modest posts have sent you to the Bible, mike91, then it has been a good day and I have already completed my daily mitzvah. May I now recommend you turn to the Koran? And after that the Mormon Church’s “Pearl of Great Price?” O the fun and edification you’ll have!

    Walleroo, I may be, rather, back on my meds.

    Kit Schackner, if you’re really a woman, then your apparent approval of football fans’ (in general) often boorish behavior is baffling. It certainly does not sound at all, well, “ladylike.”

    Please do tell us of your own vein of religious, or irreligious as the case may be, beliefs. I can probably send walleroo right over to whatever constitutes your place of worship (doubtless it’s well-mirrored) to tell a possibly offensive joke about your beliefs. Even if (no, especially if) it turns out to just be a BlueWaveNJ meeting. Which, bore-filled as I’m sure such always are, might also even include in its congregation Mike91.

  19. The definition of an anti-Triple Threat:

    * The Jets

    * The Mets
    * The Nets

    I’d include the Sets (if you’re old enough to remember them) but I dont want to call it the anti-FourPlay. There’s nothing wrong with FourPlay.

  20. And did you ever notice what Tebow and Four Play have in common? A lot of exclamations to God and Jesus.

  21. Yes, Cathar, I am a woman. Are you really a man? Your choice of language is often effeminate.

    Of course, the Jets fans’ behavior is offensive, and in contrast to Tebow’s piety, funny. Sometimes laughter is the best defense. Especially when it comes to you.

  22. Buried in all this is cathar’s simple question:

    “Would you be chuckling so if the comments had been about the presumed religious beliefs of an NFL player with a name like, oh let’s say, Muhammad?”

    The answer is HELL NO.

    Or, as I’ve pointed out, if Tebow were Black. Why? Cause Black folks thanking God for his blessings in winning sporting events/entertainment awards is the norm, and well, most White folks generally refrain from making jokes about Black folks for fear of being called a “racist.”

    So we’re left with a young man, who by all accounts, is kind, considerate and talented, but one who attributes his ability and winnings to God.


  23. Again prof, its not his religion. Its the degree to which he wants us to pay attention to his religion. Name another player that has gotten the (welcomed by him) publicity for praying in the end zone. Or the praying on the sidelines.

    He’s the one who did the anti-abortion ad for the Super Bowl. No one forced him. And when you’re that self-righteous in public, there’s going to be some jokes. With all the good attention he receives, there’s going to be some bad.

    Add to this the fact that he’s not a very good player. Actually, he’s not a bad player, but he’s a terrible quarterback. Football purists find it ridiculous that a middling player like him gets the publicity he does. And why does he get this publicity? Because his religiousness plays well to a large portion of the public, especially in Denver, or Florida.

  24. I haven’t seen such hoopla regarding a sports dude’s spiritual life since Sandy Koufax refused to play on Yom Kippur.
    But the American experiment is still relatively young, so I look forward to a future showdown between a Hindu pitcher and a Sikh pitcher at some world series one day. If someone can find a Moslem with a toupee, we’d have a new Howard Cosell ( or should I say, Howard William Cohen) …. or maybe Halal Cosell, whateverrr. He’s a good transition figure, due to his friendship with Mohammed Ali ( who would be pissed off about the Ground Zero Mosque debacle, BTW)
    Imagine if Tebow chucks the Jesus thing after a bad run, and starts collecting moon rocks and mystic crystals. He might even ask for an on-line horoscope reading. At that point, he’ll be less welcome at the GOP convention opening night than a black gay couple on welfare camping out in Zuccotti Park, and Hannity will cut and paste the seminal ( no pun intended ) Tebow less-than-magic moments so as to prove that Almighty God has relentlessly punished Tebow for his transgressions and lapse over to the Dark Side of the Force. Problem is, Nancy Reagan ( wife of the saint ) also dug horoscopes. Oy, life is full of cognitive dissonance, what’s a person to do? Vote for Santorum and sleep easy, thank God we still have two huge oceans between us American Exceptionalists and the Socialist Europeans/Communist Chinese ! But we like Chinese and Italian food here! More cognitive dissonance ! Oy I need a nap.

  25. Hardly fair to call him a “middling” player. After all, he did win the Heisman and led Florida to two National Championships. Also, when he became the Broncos starting quarterback the team was 1-4 and led them to the AFC West title. Then beat Pitt in the playoffs.

  26. Sorry, he’s a middling player, at least in the NFL. Denver won because their defense was terrific, and the offense they installed for him limited his mistakes and increased time of possession.

    A quarterback in the NFL has to throw the ball, and statistics say at that he’s awful.

    Case in point, when the Broncos played the Patriots, Denver had to get out of its spread option, because New England kept scoring. Tebow couldn’t do anything throwing, and the Broncos got blown out.

  27. “So we’re left with a young man, who by all accounts, is kind, considerate and talented, but one who attributes his ability and winnings to God.”

    He is a lot of good things including a genuine person and no one cant take that away from him. He should really be attributing his ability and winnings to himself.

    The repetitive over and over repeat public attributions are annoying though.

    – The Department of Redundancy Department

  28. Denver defense wasn’t so terrific in the New england game. When you give up five TD passes in the first half, it’s hard to blame the loss on the QB.

  29. I agree, enough with the “religious intolerance.” I think we should all make fun of Tebow”s bragging about being a virgin. Go sluts! Go sluts!

  30. What a crock of S#$#@%!

    Tebow is made fun of because he feels a need to rub his faith in everyone’s nose not at church, or in his home, but in the public forum.

    But GOD forbid anyone call him on that! I’m sure that prof, cathar et al would be fine if he decided to sit during the national anthem, or show his disdain at the “I just want to thank our Lord Jesus Christ” pap that passes for insightful interviews post game.

    If your faith is so threatened by “liberal” skepticism, it isn’t much of a faith. Not exactly St. Lawrences ready for the griddle, are you?

  31. NY Post headline: “Broncos Sacrifice a Virgin”

    So what’s the Vegas over/under on when Tebow and Sanchez will be caught together on a mobile phone video at Scores?

  32. KitSchackner,you weren’t making an attempt at an anti-gay slur, were you? Nah, not your “progressive,” smug self. Couldn’t be, could it?

    Whatever your own gender and gender preferences, you always come off as decidedly classless, smug and given to meaningless burbling. Not a good advertisement for the views you so incompetently advocate. But probably perfectly adequate given your many personal shortcomings.

    Which are always so apparent via your posts. You do not bring so much as an atom of literacy or class to any “debate”on this site.

  33. And Tim Tebow is not so much being challenged re his faith above, croiagusanam, as he is being used as yet another occasion for the devotedly irreligious who gather here to make themselves feel somehow superior to believers in a deity.

    Again, were he a black NFL player, either one named “Muhammad” or even simply one who uses the occasion of scoring a touchdown to display his own commitment to Christianity, the instant rabble at Baristanet would never say a thing. Nor, come to think of it, is Obama criticized here for his brand of Christian belief. If one is a “progressive,” even even a Papist of the Martin Sheen variety (therefore socially acceptable at BlueWaveNJ conclaves), that will likely never happen here.

    What you really enjoy, by contrast, is the opportunity to display your considerable ability at conveying scorn for the opinions of others. But that’s not quite the same as “debate,” which seems long gone in general from this site and in which you don’t seem the least bit truly interested. This you have in common with Kit Schackner. Perhaps you two should meet!

  34. “the devotedly irreligious who gather here to make themselves feel somehow superior to believers in a deity.”

    —yeah! hey, the whole reason we believe in a deity so we can feel superior to you! so knock it off!

    “conveying scorn for the opinions of others”

    —yeah! it’s not like cathar is doing that in his post at all!


  35. cathar, I don’t give the proverbial rat’s patootie for what you think of me, or Kit, or anyone else for that matter. You are, in my view, a bitter, joyless little man who has been understandably passed by in the great parade of life. You spend your days insulting posters, who are likely the only humans you are in “contact” with, and denigrating a site which you cannot seem to stay away from.

    I don’t scorn others, but I certainly scorn you!

  36. Who’s Tim Teabow and what does he have to do with the Pope or Muhammad or anybody’s religion?
    OMG….He’s just a jock!
    I thought he was a Theologian!
    Send him to the Hunger games.

  37. Croi….relax the scorn, it’s Miller time. Think of this site as a communal computer game or ultimate chess, one day you’re up the next you’re down then bingo you get the featured comment! We need the yin & yan(k) on this site to make it interesting. We’ve got our tag teams and smackdowns and the ruling elite loves this because it distracts us all from what’s behind the curtain. They don’t want us to see where our money’s really going! We’d all go postal on them! Anyway P-K4
    PAZ in OZ and I don’t mean Australia, they got their own smokescreen.

  38. PAZ, you’re in Oswald State Prison? Call me, my lawyer’s good. And for God’s sake stay out of the weight room!

    Scorn is the only thing one can, or should, bring to any post from such a relentlessly mean-spirited, mirthless, pseudo-educated hypocrite, sorry to say.

    OK, maybe a little pity too. But just a little!

  39. Cathar, it gives me a thrill to see how you so ferociously punch out all the letters – all those silent consonants – of my last name on your keyboard. You share that dubious distinction with ROC. You don’t do it for others – Not Debbie Galant, not Carl Bergmanson, not Carey Africk, Pat Gilleran, Pat Krenshaw, Martin Schwartz or anyone else who posts under their own names. Just me. What is it that inspires you to take the time to type each letter of a difficult last name? Is it a barbed comment on the ethnicity of my name, or a sense of personal triumph that at your age, you can still summon up the youthful vigor, in spite of the dandruff on your glasses, to type all those letters correctly?

    Unlike you, I have no issues with gay culture. Unlike you, I support gay marriage. You may like to think you write like Christopher Hitchens, but your flowery Victorian hothouse writing style is girlish, overblown and outdated. And bigoted: you are the Father Coughlin of Baristanet.
    Practically every one of your posts are a thin attempt to sell your righteous bigotry to the community. It gives me some comfort to read that most of us will have none of it.

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