The Geyer Family YMCA’s “Evening With Star Wars” Was Out of This World!


They came in numbers to “An Evening with Star Wars” and discovered Darth Vader was trying to turn Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca and the entire Galaxy to the Dark Side.

“There is all the candy in the world on the dark side” said Darth, played by Marlon Pollard. “Really?” said Luke, played by James Goodger

“What else is on the dark side?”

“Rides, the most up to date electronics, burgers, fries and bacon fat”

Chewbacca, played by Matt Mazur, sniffed the air and growled with joy at the thought. Luke, conflicted, looked at the crowd of 90 ‘citizens’  ages 5-12 and asked….. “Should I turn to the dark side?” He received a loud unanimous “NO!”

Realizing Darth’s trickery, a light saber duel ensued, with Vader getting the upper hand as Luke’s saber fell to the ground. Luke was able to escape the grasp of Darth, the commander of the Death Star, and gathered the citizens to rally their support.

“I need your help, Chewy, Princess Leah and I are only 3 Jedi Knights.

Even with Obi-Wan in our corner we have no chance of reclaiming the Empire from the dark side. We need your help. You will learn the ways of the force at 4 training stations and then follow us into our final duel with Darth and his Storm Troopers. We can only triumph with good teamwork, core values, new skills and courage.

“Can we count on you!”

The crowd rose from their seats and responded, unanimously again “YES!”

Luke’s confidence was now restored…”Then aboard the Millenium Falcon and safe travels, may the force be with you!”

The ‘citizens’ adventures and trainings were then led by Leah (Whitney McOmish) Jabba the Hut (Amy Costa) Obi-Wan (Terrence McCarthy) R2D2 (Anna Smith) a Tauntaun (Cynthia Garcia) and Jawa (Kristin Herzog). Yoda’s home, Dagobah Swamp was lifeguarded by Lauren Sharkey.

Star Wars themed Science, Origami, Cooking and Parachute games formed the Jedi Training components before the force was used by the new Jedi’s to banish Vader and complete the mission, restoring peace to the Empire and the Galaxy.

‘An Evening with…..’ at the Geyer Family YMCA, is fast becoming a signature program, a program that only succeeds because it is built on the foundation of children’s creativity, imagination, and their love of ‘play’

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