A Mighty Idea for a Party

BY  |  Tuesday, Apr 24, 2012 1:30pm

When Bloomfield couple Tasha Rifkin and Stephen Connolly had a baby boy two and a half years ago, little did they know he would become the inspiration for a new business venture.

“I had created a calendar of the baby’s photos using a standard calendar creation site online,” Rifkin tells Barista Kids. “My step-father said, ‘Wouldn’t it be funny to see the baby’s face in fun scenes, like as a surfer?’”

Rifkin sat on the idea for a while, and then went to work. She eventually came up with the idea for Mighty Grams, a party invitation service. The business offers a unique spin on the custom printed party invite: Customers upload a photo of the guest of honor’s face in one of Mighty Grams’ custom printed invitations, and—voila!—the card becomes instantly personalized (and a lot more fun). The cards are perfect for kids, but they can be designed for grown-up events, too.

“We realized there wasn’t anything out there that would match our idea, nor our unique designs,” she says.

Last month, she and Connolly officially launched the Mighty Grams website.

All of the card’s designs were created by indie designers that have been hand- picked by the couple from around the world. Once the card is created, it is then printed and shipped off quickly to the customer. All the cards and envelopes are made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

The new business seems a natural trajectory for the husband-and-wife team, both of who grew up in New Jersey. Connolly has previous experience producing videos, marketing websites and iPhone apps, and Rifkin has worked in IT for the last 14 years developing software designs for financial companies.

Rifkin says she looks forward to collaborating on the site as it continues to grow, and is pleased by the response Mighty Grams has gotten.

“The real reward at the end of the day is making our customers smile,” she says. “Some of our customers will keep these invites in scrapbooks for years to come, and that’s such an honor to be an integral part of people’s special events.”

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