Bread Co. Bon Voyage Party

There was a block party on Walnut Street yesterday to say farewell to Sally and Will Reinhardt of the Montclair Bread Company who are returning to Australia  after 19 years of business.

The Bread Company has been sold and the new owner, Rachel Crampsey, will be manning the ovens on May 1. Sally and Will are hoping to ease her into the new job before they leave.

The  ceremonial passing of the baker’s hat  brought both tears and cheers from the crowd.  The art auction drew lively bidding for Sally’s oil paintings, and the live music was great.

Bon voyage Will & Sally, the community will miss you and your vegan carrot muffins.

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  1. Nice pic’s SJ…it was a bitter/sweet day, glad Rachel will be taking over soon, let’s all wish her the best. I had a cool chat with Sally & Will – go to my YouTube channel ( 22videoguy22 ), to hear how they feel about being in Montclair, and why they are leaving.

  2. Rachel Crampsey is the grandaughter of a Wedding Cake Baker from NYC. She always knew she would be a baker. She worked her way through college at Univ. of Fla by making cookies & brownies for local coffee shops. Rachel has a degree in Baking and Pastry from the Culinary Inst. of America NY and she took an intense 3 week course in breadmaking. Rachel and her husband have bought a home in Montclair and want to raise their family here. Does she have a special bread? Rachel is excited to bring her Sprouted Grain Bread to Montclair. I think I will be #1 in line. See ya there!

  3. This morning I bought one of Rachels Grain breads. Absolutely fantastic!!
    Much success to you Rachel in your new venture!

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