Mayday Mayhem? OWS Hopes So

OWS protestor arrested at Zuccotti Park, photo courtesy of Gosia Smerdel

Going to the city tomorrow morning? Occupy Wall Street has other plans in mind, as the movement is planning a nationwide “May Day” protest, taking “direct action” by occupying Manhattan-bound bridges and tunnels.

According to the OWS website, May 1 will prove how a day without “the 99 percent” will shut down the economy. The site is encouraging supporters to, “Take to the streets on Tuesday” with “No Work, No School, No Housework, No Shopping.”

OWS cites upcoming the protests as “the first truly nationwide General Strike in U.S. history… For the first time, workers, students, immigrants, and the unemployed from over 125 U.S. cities will stand together for economic justice.”

Dozens of permitted and verboten May Day 2012 actions are scheduled in locations throughout New York City.

It could prove to be tricky for determined commuters tomorrow morning, so check in for tips with Clever Commute, and stay with Baristanet for updates!

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  1. Ah, Fleabaggers at it again. Nothing like the tax users stopping the hard working people that enable them to suck off the government teat from getting to work. I hope I don’t get cooties tomorrow.

  2. There a0re people all over the country who would kill for the opportunity many of these these miscreants had. Growing up in New York City or lovely suburban homes. Good schools. Never went hungry a day in their lives. Mommy and Daddy paid for summer camp and then for college. Now, after graduating with their Masters in New Media Studies, they are outraged that that cushy job with the corner office and trips around the world never materialized. They can find work but not work that fulfills their brillance and their bloated sense of importance. And boy are they angry now. Sad. While immigrants come to this country and work their azzes off 15 hours a day to start their lives in America.

    My heart bleed purple borscht for all of them.

  3. Also, as much as I support acts of civil disobedience and peaceful protests, I notice that the whole OWS movement has become a protest of convenience for most. We really didn’t hear about them this past winter when it was too cold to stand outside for hours. But as predictable as the first robin in spring, here they are again, now armed with their “verboten” plan of action. Why verboten? How is inconveniencing commuters going to gain sympathy and support for your cause?

    In fact, the only GOOD thing to come out of this whole mess is that I got to see a video about David Peel in The New York Times this past weekend.

  4. Katherine,

    Please provide your sourcing for the following statement:

    “Occupy Wall Street has other plans in mind, as the movement is planning a nationwide “May Day” protest, taking “direct action” by occupying Manhattan-bound bridges and tunnels.”

    I looked thru the occupy site and i can’t find this “threat” to commuters anywhere.

    The only place i have seen it today—other than this website—is in a link Josh from Clever Commute blasted out this morning from

    Josh didn’t feel compelled to blast out the other big story on today: “Breibart’s Coroner Poisoned”—an attempt to insinuate that Bretbart’s death may have had something to do with the President’s birth certificate.

    Anyways, once you can provide the sourcing–as I am sure you can—I won’t worry you have been duped into providing misinformation.

  5. “I guess Daily News was duped too?”

    —good question, ROC.

    you will note their article does not source this specific claim as well.

    maybe it is true—someone just show their sourcing, that’s all…

  6. That Baristanet continues to “cover” this nonsense (and to its usual high journalistic standards) is just sad. And incongruous given how frequently it suggests its readers – if not all in the “1 percent” at least often in the top 10 or 15 – spend money on pricey restaurants and other costly “stuff.” I mean, this site is neither written by Jacob Riis nor aimed at the targets of his long-ago anger.

    Those were not the days, jerseygurl. They were not at all the days, as you’d probably acknowledge if you were in fact really old enough to recall them. (I doubt very much you are.)

    As for David Peel, his continued residence in Manhattan suggests yet another salient argument for the abolishment of NYC’s rent control laws.

  7. David Peel, like him or not, is a part of the New York City landscape. And why wish ill on him? He never hurt anyone (well, maybe a few eardrums), he asks for very little, lives like a pauper, and is just a down-to-earth guy who knows how to entertain people.

  8. I do sometimes miss those gritty days of Ugly George, Paul Tschinkle, Max’s, CBGB’s and the Mudd Club (before it became a scene). People were outraged at having to pay $5k for “fixture” fees when they took over a loft from someone who had made the space habitable. Who would have ever thought that a floor of a warehouse would be worth millions!

  9. Mrs. Martta, I think you have a much broader definition of “entertainment” (and what constitutes a bona fide cultural “landscape”) than I ever will if you find David Peel amusing. For me, even in music the politics of inclusion can go too far. Such hustlers, even relatively poor hustlers as you apparently see or know Peel to be, I usually find distasteful.

    And no, that John Lennon found him amusing gives him no additional credence. Lennon, famously, even found Yoko far more more amusing than the rest of us ever will, after all.

  10. Yes, better that David Peel — and Yoko Ono, John Lennon, BlueWaveNJ and whomever else the resident half-educated expert deems inferior (in short, everyone)– treat the world to the great art and insight that he himself has provided.


  11. I’m reasonably sure that whenever you’re approaching the status of being in your cups, croiagusanam, you put your David Peel & The Lower East Side album (there was only one) on your turntable and dance. Because I suspect that even the members of BlueWaveNJ would find you insufferable in person.

    And you likely dance alone.

  12. OK, I learned something new tonight, never heard of David Peel before. Betrayed by my relative youth, I suppose. But I have heard of Jacob Riis. The reference made me wonder, once again, whether Cathar is really just putting everyone on with his random, bizarre ramblings. Suggesting that Baristanet likens this little, fairly non-partisan piece about an anthropology class on OWS with the work of Jacob Riis is just silly enough to make me wonder if his whole persona is just a satire on pompous bloggers.

    I’ve suddenly realized that Cathar reminds me of Ignatius T. Reilly.

  13. Wrong again, cathar. On those rare occasions when I DO dance, I am in company with all the little people and spirits of the air. We cavort in grand fashion. They often tell me, for they watch you as closely as you once urged the baristas to “watch” me, of your shabby basement sit and your usual weekday outfit of gray briefs and droopy athletic socks. Sensitive sould, they pity you and wish that there was something they could do to help you. I’ve suggested a wee dram of arsenic in your Glenlivet, but they simply scold me and urge me to be more understanding.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to dance!!!

  14. I guess Daily News was duped too?

    I don’t know ROC. Does OWS control the weather? Because the rain made my commute a little longer today, but not much else.

    And it couldn’t possibly be that a newspaper exaggerated a threat to make a more interesting story, right? But you’re too smart to fall for that one, I’m sure you view movements like OWS in a totally objective manner.

  15. Before I retired, at age 62, I worked 9 AM to 9 PM Monday thru Thursday and 9 Am to 5 PM on Friday. Saturday was was 9 Am to 6 PM. That is what these “protestors” need to be doing !!

  16. Digital media, twitter, facebook, and advanced hand held electronics give these people a forum they once never had. This movement is more insignificant than it seems. Societal misfits such as these have existed for thousands of years, but were simply not as visible.

  17. Let’s recap.

    Fact: On Sunday, right wing site “reports” that Occupy wants to shut down bridges and tunnels in NYC.

    Fact: Occupy made no such claims.

    Fact: Monday morning, this website—most likely tipped by, of all things, Conductor Josh(!)—as well as ROC fav The Daily News, reports this “shut down” as fact without attribution.

    Fact: No such attempted shut down occurred today.

    Conclusion: You have just seen, on the teensiest of scales, how disinformation works in this country. It’s fear mongering masked as sloppy, pathetic journalism.

    The stayhyphys of the world can write nonsense like “This movement is more insignificant than it seems” and that’s perfectly fine—how on earth can you deny that the perception of wealth inequality in this country is at all time highs?—stay isn’t masquerading as a news source. But Baristanet is.

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