Montclair Film Fest Will Have a Trolley

The Montclair Film Festival, which starts tomorrow, will be running trolleys Friday through Sunday to help filmgoers go between the six venues and festival headquarters.

Going west to east, the trolley will stop near the Montclair Public Library, The Clairidge, Watchung Plaza, The Bellevue, Montclair Station and Montclair State.

A map on the film festival’s Plan a Visit page, also indicates trolley stops at Lackawanna Plaza, which can accommodate extra parking, and at the Montclair Art Museum, which is also a venue.

Trolleys will run every half hour on Friday from 5 to midnight, Saturday from noon to midnight and Sunday from noon until 9 p.m.

A number of events are already sold out, including:

2 Days in NY
Brooklyn Castle
David Bromberg Unsung Treasure
Michael Moore
NJ Shorts 1 (MSU)
NJ Shorts 3 (Storytellers)
Robot + Frank
The Oranges
Prep School Negro
The What Is It

Film Festival co-director Thom Powers says film festivals always have to strike the difficult balance between scarcity of tickets and having empty seats. “It’s better to be in th sold-out position,” he admitted.

The film festival expects 30-40 percent of sales to take place during the festival, rather than in advance. Tickets go on sale an hour before all shows at their venues. As to whether New Yorkers or other out-of-towners will come, Powers can’t say.  “Our goal this year is to get the thing on the map,” he said. “We’re building the culture for this, this year.”

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