Montclair High School Students Achievements

Eli Maskin

Two MHS students, Eli Maskin and Loren Sherman, have been selected to be among the 39 “rising seniors” to take part in the New Jersey Scholars Program this summer.

The New Jersey Scholars Program is a highly selective, highly prestigious residential summer program for academically talented high school students residing in the state of New Jersey. Its stated mission is to “reach out to 39 able and enthusiastic residents of New Jersey who are rising seniors and who come from a broad socio-economic, ethnic and racial cross-section of the state’s population. The program creates an intense, interdisciplinary intellectual experience that will change their lives — to awaken in them the awareness of their potential to achieve academic excellence.”

Another victory is for the Model Congress Club at Montclair High School…

The Club won the Best Delegation award at the University of Pennsylvania Model Congress Conference (PennMC) this past weekend. The conference took place at the University in Philadelphia, PA, from Thursday through Sunday where they wrote and debated legislation modeling that of the United States Government, as well as its Supreme Court. The 24 person team were competing against schools, both public and private from all over the country (Mostly private).

Aside from winning the conference award, the students brought home an astounding 20 individual awards including two of the six very prestigious “Golden Gavel” awards. This is the third time in four years that Montclair High School has won this Best Delegation award. In 2010 they missed the conference due to a blizzard.

Below is a list of the participants.


  • Aaronson, Allison
  • Alidoost, Jalil
  • Christie, Caroline
  • Cohen, Harris
  • Erichson, Danny
  • Fallon, Pat
  • Kaplan, Aiden
  • Kezengwa, Silas
  • Liu, Hannah
  • Saint-Fort, Yvonna
  • Schatner-Elemeleh, Eital
  • Ephros, Jake
  • Epstein, David
  • Feldberg, Eve
  • Gilbert, Lydia
  • Shabaka, Amadi
  • Warshawsky, Alex
  • Axelrod, Emma
  • Bangs, Tessa
  • Hertzberg, Audrey
  • Hirschorn, Paul
  • Kanengeiser, Henry
  • McKenzie, Claudia
  • Someshwar, Amala
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  1. We are so proud of our Model Congress team. Not only did they show off their debate skills, they carried themselves with the highest level of professionalism.

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