Montclair YMCA Healthy Kids Day Celebrated Health and Community

BY  |  Sunday, Apr 29, 2012 9:00am

Verona Park was filled with families celebrating health, fun and community yesterday for the Montclair YMCA’s Healthy Kids Day. The Y promised it would be a carnival-like event and it was, but it was much more than that. There was an infectious energy in the air and people young and old joined in with hula hoop fitness, Zumba, fitness contests, Conga lines and joining together to attempt to break a Guinness World Record.

After all the festivities were done, including pottery making with MAM, face painting, Take Back the Kitchen’s delicious dip tasting (Alma really does deserve the win she had for her Edamame dip!) and more, everyone was asked to Conga out of the center of the area so that the Y staff could set up for the record attempt.

Using tape to make zones, people in groups of 30 were grouped. The goal was to get 250 adult participants in order to make a record. For awhile there, it seemed impossible, as we were short at least 60. But the staff and group started pulling people from the park, cheering them on to join. In the end, the number was 269! And in unison we held a plank pose for 63 seconds. I swear, not one of my knees touched the ground, but I was shaking. It ended in cheers and hugs, especially by the kids who joined in. Did we break the record? I’ll keep you posted to see if it was official.

Talking to several friends who work for the Y, they all gave credit to James Goodger, Branch Director at The Geyer Family YMCA. This was his baby and you could tell how much love he put into it.

Goodger said, “It was truly an incredible effort by the entire YMCA program staff who volunteered to make this the special day that it was. It was fun heading it all up and I only took it on because I knew how incredible the YMCA program staff are.”

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