National Dog Bite Prevention Course Set for April 27-28

A National Dog Bite Prevention course, co-hosted by the Bloomfield Township Board of Health, Neighbor to Neighbor Network, and the Bloomfield Animal Shelter, will take place Friday and Saturday, April 27 and 28, from 9 a.m. to noon both days, at the Bloomfield Civic Center, 84 Broad Street.

There is a $25 fee.

The course will be led by Teresa Lewin, a world-renowned specialist in dog bite prevention education. Ms. Lewin also works directly with a therapist to help dog bite victims regain a healthy perspective towards dogs. She is co-founder of Doggone Safe, Inc, a national dog bite prevention organization.

Attendees will learn why dogs bite, how to interpret a dog’s body language, bite risk assessment, the course of action after being bitten, and the role of fear. The course is recommended for anyone who must visit people’s homes for a living such as power workers, delivery persons, real estate agents, landscapers, and social services providers.

Each class can hold 30 to 50 people, so it is recommended that participants register in advance. For more information about this event or to buy tickets, email or call the Bloomfield Animal Shelter at 973-748-0194.

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  1. Knowing why dogs bite and what to do to keep yourself safe is important. Dogs may bite for the following reasons:
    Fear or surprise.
    Pain or sickness.
    Protecting property.

    Warning Signs
    Watch and listen for the warnings that a dog will give you to let you know when he is upset. If his ears are laidback against his head or his legs are very stiff, he is probably warning you that he feels threatened and will pro-tect himself if he must. If the hair on his back is standing up, that’s another warning. If a dog is growling or barking
    with his teeth showing, it means he is ready to bite. A dog’s warning signs mean that you’re doing something he doesn’t like, so stop doing it!

    If You Think a Dog is about to Bite You
    * Freeze and look only at the ground.
    * Count to five, slowly and silently.
    * Move away very slowly, sideways or backwards.
    * If the dog jumps on you, act like a rock by curling up into a ball and covering your face and head with your arms.

    What You Should NOT Do
    *Don’t stare at the dog – that means, “I dare you to bite me!”
    *Don’t run, jump or wave your arms around.
    *Don’t scream.
    *Don’t throw anything at the dog or hit him.

    If A Dog Bites You
    If you are bitten by a dog, or any animal, you should:
    Go to a doctor.
    Wash the wound with soap and warm water.
    Write down the type, size and color of the animal. Was it wearing a collar? Did it have any identification tags? Where were you when you were bitten? Where did the animal go? Report all of this information to the animal control agency in your city or county.

  2. Hey Bloomfield/Bukowski Animal Shelter with all the extra space: How about helping out? You’ve got the donors and the supplies also.

    “URGENT! 140 cats will be EUTHANIZED in “4” Days the SHELTER IS CLOSING!! CLAWS Animal Shelter in Augusta, NJ are being forced to close their doors on April 15th. Any cats that are not adopted or fostered are going to be EUTHANIZED. There are still about 140 cats left– and only 4 more days left to do something about it. Their number is 973-875-8540 and they are open every day of the week from 11 to 3. The name of the owner is Laurie Walsh.

    All of them are strays, all of them have had harsh beginnings, and I just think that they deserve a happy ending. It isn’t fair that they should suffer when they have done nothing wrong.My contact information is: OR 973-919-1976

    The contact information for CLAWS is: 28 Pelletown Road, Augusta, NJ 07822. Their number is 973-875-8540 and they are open every day of the week from 11 to 3. The name of the owner is Laurie Walsh.

    thank you so much,

  3. I called the animal shelter several times yesterday but there was no answer. I wonder why no one could answer the telephone.

  4. Every time I walked in there during the week no one was ever behind the desk. But hey, they don’t need volunteers. Just ask the BoH (as if they’d really have a clue) and they’ll tell you.

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