Nia Gill Running for Payne’s Seat

Montclair resident and state senator Nia Gill announced today that she has formally filed to run for Congress in the 10th district seat that was help by Rep. Donald Payne until his death last month.

A number of other candidates, including Payne’s son and Ronald Rice, have also declared their interest in being the Democratic nominee for the 10th district.

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  1. After watching her performance questioning Philip Kwon for the NJ Supreme Court, no one should ever vote for her. She displayed nothing but partisan bias and asked no questions that were relevant to the individuals qualifications.

    I would consider her time in the NJ Statehouse a failure!

  2. On the other side, I remember hearing her speech during the same sex marriage debates and thinking what an eloquent speaker she was and a person I would make sure to remember.

  3. Shes been in NJ politics since 1994. Thats nearly 20 years. We need less life long politicians. She also won 34th because of redistricting. The 34th used to be a (R) stronghold until the 2000 Census and redistricting.

    She was also a co-chair of Corzine’s campaign. That says enough for me!

  4. I would so love to lose this arrogant clown (who seems to never so much as set foot in the Passaic County portion of her district) as my state senator. Even if it means sending her to Congress. Hey, it’s on for two years if we’re lucky

  5. Ms. Gill has been totally unresponsive to any and all communications from this constituent. I’m not sure who she represents but it clearly isn’t me.

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