Weather Service Warns of Strong Winds and Fire Hazards

UPDATE 4:44 p.m.: Breaking News Network just reported a small brush fire on Little Falls Road in Fairfield.

The National Weather Service is issuing a Fire Weather Warning for the New York Tri-State area through about 9 pm tonight.

Winds are expected to be northwest from 15-25 mph with gusts of up to 35 mph. Humidity will also be low–as low as 15 percent this afternoon–meaning that any fire that starts will likely spread rapidly.

You can read more about the warning here. And to look up current wind conditions check out this cool “wind map” here.

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  1. “Fire Weather Warning” was what we called it when my red-headed stepmother was on her way home from work and in a bad mood, which was every day.

  2. Shouldn’t it read “low” humidity in the teaser? If it were humid, there would be much less of a risk.

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