An Evening of Art with the NJ Bears

Black bears tend to get a bad rep around these parts. Whether they’re rummaging through improperly sealed garbage cans in the neighborhood, or arriving uninvited to a camp site, locals want the cuddly-looking Ursus americanus out of their back yards.

But the Bear Group, staunch defenders of bear rights and Jersey’s own leader in black bear education and bear protection since 1992, will be hosting a “Silent Art Auction” on Thursday, May 24 at 6 p.m. at The Van Vleck House in Montclair.

NJ Bears seeks to debunk many of the myths surrounding black bears and their behavior, in addition to protecting the species from state-mandated bear hunts. Black bears are an integral part of New Jersey’s ecosystem. They are also considered to be “flight animals”, meaning when given the choice of fighting or fleeing, they’ll climb up the nearest tree. And unlike grizzly bears, mother black bears do not defend their cubs.

NJ Bears will be auctioning off original art, with all proceeds going to their campaign to protect black bears.

The evening will also feature a “gourmet vegetarian buffet dinner,” an animal communicator, a tree whisperer and an educational presentation on co-existing with black bears.

Anyone interested in donating original art to the auction can call the BEAR hotline: 973-315-3219.

Tickets are $42 per person and can be ordered here.



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  1. Flight animals? You cannot be serious. All you people in your fancy houses watching your 60-inch TVs don’t know sh#t about the bears. Have you ever eaten with one? They’re slobs. And so rude. When one of the Bears has got his snout in the garbage can, forget it, you just have to wait your turn. And they don’t clean up after themselves. The Opossums, on the other hand, are gentlefolk.

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