Ask Holly: Paper Narcissus for Mother’s Day

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Sometimes it is nice to make something, not for or with your kids but, for yourself. Let me say that again in case you didn’t understand those words… NOT FOR OR WITH YOUR KIDS, BUT FOR YOURSELF. Seriously where does mommy guilt get us? Straight to Nowheresville, population: You. It’s wonderful to craft with your children and okay to craft by yourself, the important thing is to have balance. Hopefully your Mother’s Day will restore some of that balance back into your life.


These paper Narcissus (no pun intended with the type of flower) make a fun decoration for the home when wrapped around bare branches or put into pots of wheat grass (click here for instructions on how to grow wheat grass). This would also make a fun gift for the mother who likes to craft. Box up the supplies and print out the instructions.  I have fond memories making crepe paper crafts as a child. To give the paper shape there is a technique used called frilling. Simply pulling crepe paper here and there can make a flat petal into  a lovely curved soft petal.

Here is what you will need:

Step 2

  • Crepe paper  in white, yellow and orange
  • 18 gauge green floral wire
  • White glue
  • An orange marker
  • Pinking sheers (optional)
  • Wire cutters or an old pair of scissors

Step One: Cut the wire to a length of wire to about 9″

Step Two: Cut a 2″x 2′”square of crepe paper, put the wire in the middle of the paper and a dab of glue, now fold the top down over the wire. Put a dab of glue on what is now a triangle shape and roll the end of the tissue around the wire (See picture)

Step Three: Cut a strip of crepe paper the same color as you would like your middle with the grain if the paper laying lengthwise to about 9″ x 2″. Fold it in half, top to bottom, so the strip is now about 1″ wide. Putting a dab or line of glue about one inch long at the end of the paper. Place your wire with the tissue wrapped over the one end on the glue with the cut side the facing the top. Roll it around, making sure it is glued at the base.

Steps 3-4

Step Four: Cut a strip of crepe paper 2.5″x 5″ with the grain running vertically. Fold the paper in half, top to bottom. Using a technique called “frilling,” stretch the cut end of the paper out with your fingers being careful not to tear the paper. You are basically gently pulling the wrinkles or folds out of the paper. The cut side of your paper should now be wider than you folded side. Put a bit of glue on the folded, not frilled side, of the paper and wrap it around the end of the wire with the paper on it. Try to keep the rolling loose at the top and tighter at the base. If you want orange tips run your orange marker along the frilled side of your paper before rolling. You can also cut the end with pinking shears to give the flower a more realistic look.

Step Five: Cut out six heart shaped petals with the grain of the paper running top to bottom on the petals about 2 3/4″x 2″ wide. Frill the top of the heart shape. Your petals should all be curved after frilling. Glue the base of the petals around the base of the narcissus trumpet over-lapping each one a bit so they are spaced evenly.

Step 5

You can cut thin, long green leaves from green crepe paper and glue onto the stem as well. These would be stunning woven into a string of white holiday lights for a garden party. The ends of the wire can easily be curled around a pencil for a tendril form or to attach to the pencil as part of a gift.

Questions? Just Ask Holly!

Supplies available at AC Moore  and Michael’s

To all of the wonderful Mother’s out there, have a fantastic Mother’s Day!


  1. POSTED BY jerseygurl  |  May 09, 2012 @ 11:43 am

    I would give this a shot, but I’m sure mine wouldn’t come out looking like Holly’s. But they are pretty.

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