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Forever. Deenie. Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret. Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. Blubber. Superfudge. If you grew up in the 70s and 80s , you know these titles, along with the issues and rites of passage that some of author Judy Blume’s characters experienced. For many, Blume’s books are forever entangled with growing up.

Tiger Eyes, Blume’s 1981 book about how a young girl copes with her father’s sudden death, has been made into a movie directed by Larry Blume, Ms. Blume’s son, and will be shown at the Montclair Film Festival on Saturday, May 5 (there will be a Q&A session with both Blumes following the movie.) The Montclair Film Festifal premieres tonight and runs through Sunday, May 6.

About Tiger Eyes, Blumes says, “It’s not a children’s movie….There’s no language in it; there’s no really any sexuality in it, but there is a girl coping with her father’s death and eventually you see what happens when she allows herself to remember it….It’s a very romantic film, in a longing way….”

In addition to the Tiger Eyes screening, this year marks the 40th anniversary of Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing and the release of some of Blume’s books as e-books.

From her Key West residence, Judy Blume, who has sold over 82 million books, spoke to Baristanet about her ties to New Jersey, censorship and turning Tiger Eyes into a film.

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