Happy Mother’s Day, Baristaville (and Mom!)

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, Harriet George. She raised six children, worked first as a lawyer, then became a judge, and instilled in me that as a woman I could do anything I wanted to do. Her hair is not as big as it was back then in the late Sixties, but today she’s even more beautiful. We’ll spend the day with her at her favorite Greek restaurant in Astoria.

Tell us about your mom and what you’re doing to celebrate Mother’s Day today.

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  1. What a GREAT picture!!!

    She looks there is very little that could stand in her way, or come between her and the little one(s). Really, she could bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, and (well, you know the rest).

    (Is that you, Liz?)

  2. Mom died lost in Alzheimer’s five years ago. I miss her, but am so thankful that my memories of her now are of her when she was “Mom”, not to what she was reduced to during the years Alzheimer’s slowly took her away.

  3. fraublucher. I understand, as ny Mom died the same way, over a horrible 8 year period in my life. Those that have this terrible ailment do not suffer, we the children … we suffer.

    My wonderful wife, Mother to our son recieved a bottle of Halston Cologne spray from me, and a floral arrangement, from our son. We are skipping the long schlep to our Mother’s final resting place. We are too tired to make the trip.

  4. That is the best picture in the world–omigod, what hair! And what a gorgeous smile. (You look a little framisched, though, Liz.) And what a lovely tribute to your mom. She’s quite a gal, but then I knew that already because I’ve seen her handiwork.

  5. Thanks Walleroo — we feel very fortunate. I’m guessing I look a little anxious in that picture, because I lived on the service road of a parkway — lots of oncoming traffic!

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