Holy Hockey Lacrosse Sticks, Batman!

Remember the pink flamingo flockings of yore? Yep, same exact house, but 2004. Here’s the latest wrinkle on the playful lawn-desecration-as-fundraiser theme. This one was dreamed up by some  Glen Ridge lacrosse moms.

Here’s the note that comes with the sticks.

A friend of yours paid us to place these pink darlings in your yard. This checking is done in good spirits to help the girls raise money for new uniforms and to defer some seasonal expenses.

These sticks will stay on your lawn and then be mysteriously transported elsewhere.

If you would like to specify the next location, all we ask is a small donation to our group.

The removal of these sticks will be done at no charge, so please enjoy them for the next 24 hours.

Thank you for your sense of humor and your generous support.

With all our best,
The Glen Ridge Girls Lacrosse Booster Club

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  1. Doesn’t a lacrosse stick cost $100? I guess that’s not alot of money, if you’re a 1%er, living in a hous like that. Where’s the team go for lacrosse camp, anyway? Cote ‘d Azur? I’m glad OUR Montclair LAXers aren’t such wastrels, and carpool in Daddy’s Range Rover.

  2. Great, that’s all I need, is a bunch of pre-drilled holes in the lawn – an open invitation for all the skunks in the tri-county area to come and dig them up up even further!

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