Kyrie Irving Shoots Hoops in Bloomfield

NBA rookie of the year Kyrie Irving dressed up as an elderly man and played basketball with a group of youngsters in Bloomfield for a new Pepsi commercial. 

The 20 year-old NBA player is unrecognizable in prosthetics and make-up as “Uncle Drew,” a curmudgeonly old man who makes cracks about the “flashy shoes” that today’s basketball players wear.

Irving stays in character even as he begins to show off his impressive skills and his fellow players look on in amazement.

Irving, who just a few years earlier starred in a high school play, wrote, directed and stars in the video. He has also played basketball for Montclair Kimberley Academy.

It’s hard to believe that neither the audience nor the players were in on it, as there was a crew present to film the Pepsi ad. So hats off to everyone’s fine acting skills.

The video has gone viral, check it out here!

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  1. He should team up with Tyler Perry. I could envision a scene with Uncle Drew and Madea going at it.

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