Latest Trouble at Heart Breakers

Credit: Mark Remo

The heartbreak continues at the Bloomfield go-go bar, Heart Breakers. On Sunday, The Star Ledger reported that a 25 year-old man “was charged with aggravated assault today for allegedly beating an exotic dancer in his home after she woke up and found a different man beside her in bed,” according to police. 

Jeff Demarais, 25, of Newark allegedly picked up a 22 year-old exotic dancer around 3 a.m. on Sunday at Hear Breakers and returned to his home where Detective Todd McClendon said they used illegal drugs and had consensual sex.

The woman awoke to a man she didn’t recognize in the bed and began to argue with Demarais. According to McClendon, Demarais took out a firearm and punched the woman several times.

The woman fled the home and called police, and Demarais was arrested around 1 p.m. without incident.

This latest incident follows the hearing bar owner Jimmy Correia had with the Bloomfield Council on May 17 to address the excessive number of police reports generated by incidents at Heart Breakers. Councilman Hamilton suggested that Correia change his methods of disciplining employees, and that the bartenders recieve additional training to avoid serving customers in excess.

The bar was also the site of a homicide in 2009.

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  1. Heartbreakers really needs to relocate to Church Street in Montclair. It would fit in perfectly and be an icon of diversity for the town.

  2. The circumstances would suggest that a solicitation of some sort was made, either for drugs or money, and there’s a real good chance that it happened at Heartbreakers. Unless it can be shown that Heartbreakers was aware of such a transaction occurring they can’t be held accountable legally, but I think you have to be fooling yourself to say that Heartbreakers had nothing to do with what happened.

    Even if you think they are blameless in this case, how many more “incidents” need to occur before this place is shut down?

  3. Are new business really going to want a place in the downtown development when there’s a strip club with a history of violence, drugs and prostitution a block away?

  4. redrum,

    That’s a great idea!! But the name must change. How about:

    Beautés empoisonnées

  5. Again I want to ask why are we going to chase a recession proof business out of an area full of open store fronts?

    If we are going to shut something that is a burden and bad for the town I vote the college. Every morning new blunts wrappers and little baggies, broken bottles and other items are left along my street. Under IRS code 501(c) and section 115 they don’t pay taxes and they are on the edge of shutting down my neighborhood for their own construction which the town won’t see any revenue from as a result of their tax exemption status.

  6. the bar shouldn’t be held accountable for what their employees do on their own time. If it can be proven that solicitation did take place, on Heartbreakers premises, then the parties involved should be reprimanded accordingly.

  7. Went to this place a while back out of curiosity. No great difference between it and assorted other go-go bars I’ve been to in Jersey. (And that includes wondering what “agencies,” if any, supply the dancers and who actually owns it, as well as why.)

    But, as at all other Jersey go-go bars, you really should make sure your tetanus shot is current before you use the restrooms. Nor do the poured drinks strike me as terribly strong.

    And the bar should indeed be held “accountable” for what employees do on their own time if said actions stem from the atmosphere the bar in fact engenders. There is such a thing as a “community nuisance,” and it’s up to folks in Bloomfield to determine if this establishment qualifies. Probably the sooner the better, too.

    And hrhppg (who as I recall once boasted to me on this very site about your own mammiferous endowment), go-go bars are hardly a “recession-proof business.” Perhaps despite your endowment you’ve simply not hung around in too many of these places, but I can easily recall 10 such places in north Jersey which no longer exist.

  8. While we’re on the subject…I remember a popular go-go bar in Chelsea called “Billy’s Topless.” After Mayor Guiliani’s crackdown on “quality of life” offenses in the 90’s, the girls at the club were forced to put on bikini tops. Management took away the apostrophe on the sign and renamed the place “BILLY STOPLESS.” Wasn’t quite the same.

  9. I agree with hrhppg that it’s better to have something rather than an empty storefront. But in the long run, if and when the redevelopment in the Center takes place, probably they will eventually be driven out if Bloomfield is able to really revive itself. I understand the idea of a community nuisance, even if the bar itself may not be responsible. We used to have a liquor store in our neighborhood, and although they did not, to my knowledge, sell to minors or do anything illegal, they attracted undesirable people into our neighborhood and the bottles and cans were discarded in our park and on our streets. Thankfully they are gone now and the site is now occupied by a computer company that uses it for storage. Sometimes no matter what an owner does, the nature of their business just causes a problem.

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