Maplewood Moms Make Cupcake Decoration Easy with Two New Books

Two Maplewood moms, friends Elisabeth Antoine and Elizabeth Cunningham Herring, are behind a duo of charming new cupcake books: Be Sweet: It’s a Cupcake Party! Easy-to-Make Scrumptious Cupcakes and Party Toppers ($8.96)

cupcake partyand Be Sweet: Cupcake Whimsy: Easy-To-Make Scrumptious Cupcakes & Party Toppers ($8.96).

I had the pleasure last Saturday of attending the pair’s first book signing at Watchung Booksellers in Montclair, where they graciously shared the story of their collaboration (Elisabeth is an artist and baker; Elizabeth is a writer and editor) as well as a few tips for working with fondant and creating “edible works of art.”

Both books are filled with easy-to-follow recipes and directions, as well as more than 150 color photographs that show how to use fondant to create amazing cupcake topper decorations. With a section on “Fondant Fundamentals” the book has everything you need to know, even if you are a beginner and it will be your first time working with fondant. The book is also perfect for older kids and teens, and creating cupcake toppers is a great idea for a party activity.

All of the cupcake toppers presented in the book can be created using just frosted cupcakes, fondant, food coloring, a knife and a toothpick.

bunny cupcakeThe books convey such a “can do” attitude about them that I felt inspired that even I could create something like their “Out of the Rabbit Hole” cupcake which was on display (carrot cupcake with cream cheese frosting).

Two more books in the Be Sweet series will be published in the fall, Be Sweet: Caramels: Gooey, Chewy Delights ($8.96) and Be Sweet: Chocolate Truffles: Yummy, Sweet, Irresistible ($8.96). Both are available now for pre-order.

Elisabeth and Elizabeth will be signing books again on Saturday, May 5 at 4pm at Words Bookstore in Maplewood. There are also future plans for the books to be sold at The Able Baker (where Elisabeth works) bundled as a gift pack with cupcake ingredients.

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