MSU on the Higher Education Wish List

Montclair State University joined 44 public and private N.J. colleges and universities in compiling a $5.9 billion wish list to the state in an effort receive funding for programs, renovations and expansions.

The Star Ledger obtained the list of 300 projects from schools around the state and noted that this would be the first time in 20 years that N.J. voters would be asked to approve a bond issue for higher education.

MSU made one of the more substantial requests, and submitted 11 projects that totaled $415 million. This includes a $55 million center for life sciences and $66 million for the new School of Business, which recently received a private donation to develop a center for entrepreneurship.

Baristanet reached out to MSU officials but they declined to comment.


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  1. Then Montclair State University can join 44 public and private N.J. colleges and universities in filing and paying taxes to state and federal government – or make themselves free to students.

    These schools have become profit centers and yet go unchecked between government handing them cash and students being made to pay an arm and a leg in tuition.

    Hey Occupy – get off Wall Street and protest students loans at the source.

  2. hrh, I totally agree with you!

    College: Children, you must get a degree or you’ll end up homeless!
    Kid: OK, how much will it cost me?
    College: A fortune! But remember, otherwise you’ll never get a good job, ever!
    Kid: But it will take me 10 years to pay off the $100,000 in student loans!
    College: Infidel! You’re bumped down to the wait list for that kind of crazy talk!

    The whole thing sounds a lot like extortion to me.

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