Safe Yards Montclair’s Poster Contest For Our Earth

Safe Yards Montclair and Whole Foods Montclair are running a poster contest for Montclair kids 11 years old and under. All kids have to do is create a poster that “tells the world why organic yard/lawn care is safer for kids to play, pets to sniff, critters to crawl, bees to buzz, and fish to swim.”

Nicki Verrengia, Marketing Team Leader with Whole Foods Market Montclair says “We think it is so great to get kids excited about living an organic lifestyle. They can totally get involved in taking care of the lawn and plants around their house! Whole Foods Market in Montclair is proud to be a part of the Safe Yards Poster Contest.”

The winning poster will become a bit of a local star. The poster will be hung at Whole Foods Market Montclair through this summer and fall for all to see. Plus, the winning kids will receive a $20 gift certificate to use at Whole Foods and a $50 gift certificate donated by Barista Kids to use at Watchung Booksellers. All of us at Barista Kids love ways for kids to get creative and and do something positive at the same time, so we wanted to join in rewarding the winner. We also love Watchung Booksellers and encourage reading! And even if they don’t win, each kid’s poster submission will be displayed in local press (like us, Barista Kids and the Montclair Patch) for all to see throughout the summer.

Included among the contest judges is the Montclair Public Schools Health and Wellness Partnership whose Director Joanne Aidala, explains “the Montclair Public Schools Health and Wellness Partnership is happy to join with Whole Foods and Safe Yards Montclair to judge the poster contest. From our perspective, it is important for children to understand the risks to their health from toxic chemicals and the effects of those chemicals on our food supply.” Another contest judge, the Partners For Health Foundation, explains their reason for getting involved in this contest as,  “safe yards, that don’t use synthetic pesticides for lawn care, can help yield equally safe vegetable gardens which provide access to fresh, organic vegetables right from our very own yards!”. The Mayor and Environmental Coordinator, Gray Russell, will also participate in the judging.

This contest is a great idea for school art, science and other classes to take on as a group. Suzanne Aptman, Executive Director of Safe Yards Montclair, tells us that Union Congregational Nursery School’s Discovery Club  just submitted a stack of posters that they completed as part of their nature and science after-school program.

There are some specific guidelines so read contest details below:

  • Use your words and illustrations to let the world know what you think are the benefits of organic lawn/yard care, that is free from synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers. These may be benefits to health (humans, pets, bees, drinking water quality) and the environment (waterways, carbon footprint, wildlife, etc.).
  • Poster MUST BE CREATED ON 11” by 17” paper. You may use crayons, markers, colored pencils or paint. Whatever inspires your colorful creativity.
  • On the back include your name, your age, town you live in, a parent/guardian’s email address and phone number.
  • Your poster MUST somewhere show this Pesticide-Free Zone Ladybug sign. It can be displayed as large or small as you’d like.
  • Submit your poster to Customer Service desk at Whole Foods Market Montclair by June 18, 2012. (you may submit the poster as you complete it; they’ll hold onto it)

Good luck!

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