Bloomfield Police Blotter: DUI Arrests, Robbery, Stolen Vehicle

6-02-2012 – There was a Commercial burglary at 378 Broad Street the Town Pub where an unknown suspect broke into the establishment by kicking in the door then they broke into the cash register. An unknown amount of cash was stolen.

6-10-2012 – On the 200 block of Watsessing Ave. there was an attempted burglary in a residence where the homeowner found a first floor screen cut and window broken. Entry was not gained.
6-07-2012 – On the 100 block of N 15th St. the victim stated that she observed a white female with a pony-tail inside of her vehicle. She before the Police arrived the victim witnessed the suspect flee on N 15th St. Approximately $2.00 in change was taken from the vehicle.

6-09-2012 – On the 400 block of Beardsley Ave. a 2002 Toyota was broken into and a Tom Tom GPS system along with the vehicles registration card were taken.

6-9-2012 – On the 100 block of N 17th St. a 2007 Ford was broken into. Witnesses saw a white female approximately, 40yrs old inside the vehicle. $5.00 in change was taken.

6-9-2012 – On Jefferson Ave. a wallet was taken from parked vehicle.


6-7-2012 – On the 800 block of Broad St. a 2006 Acura RSX with NJ license plates was stolen.

6-7-2012 – On the 100 block of Hill St. a 1999 VW Passat with Pennsylvania license plates was stolen.
6-7-2012 – In the area of Watsessing Ave. and Florence Ave. there was an unsuccessful attempt to steal a 2003 Dodge.
6-06-2012 – Near the intersection of Grove St. and Royalton Pl. the complainant stated that an unknown person stole four traffic cones

6-9-2012 – Inside of Watsessing Park the victim states that he placed his backpack down while playing basketball, and when he was finished playing the back pack was gone. A Dell laptop computer was inside the backpack.

6-9-2012 – At 8 Franklin St. the victim states that she left her wallet in a shopping cart. When she returned to retrieve her wallet it was gone. Video surveillance from the store shows a heavyset, b/f take the wallet from the cart and place it inside of her pocketbook.

6-5-2012 – On the 100 block of Lexington Ave. the victim reports that an unknown person shot out two windows on his parked Jeep with a BB gun.

6-10-2012 – On Grove St. an unknown person threw a rock through a first floor window.

6-10-2012 – On the 400 block of Abington Ave. an unknown person threw a large rock through a first floor window.

6-10-2012 – On Winding La. an unknown person through orange paint onto the victims parked car.
6-5-2012 – Nathan Bragg of Bloomfield was arrested for Robbery and conspiracy to commit Robbery.

6-5-2012 – Jihad Burgess of Bloomfield was arrested for Robbery and conspiracy to commit Robbery.

On June 1 at 12:25 p.m., a 19 year old male was walking across the footbridge from Lower Memorial Field to Upper Memorial Park when he noticed two males standing near the concession stand. As he continued on his way he noticed one of the males was following him but he didn’t think anything of it until out of nowhere, the male punched him twice in the face knocking off his glasses. The male grabbed the victim’s I-Pod from his pocket and fled on foot back over the footbridge towards Lower Memorial Field. Patrol Division Units conducted a search of the area at the time of the robbery but were unable to locate the suspects who had fled. Through witness accounts and victim / witness statements, Detective Lt. Krentz and Detective Fano were able to positively identify the above mentioned suspects who were both arrested and charged with robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery. Bail was set by Judge Vincent Pirone at $100,000.00 for Nathan Bragg and as of the time of this report the amount of bail for Jihad Burgess was unknown.
6-5-2012 – Farrakhan Howard of Belleville was arrested for Robbery

6-5-2012 – George Kupinewicz of Belleville was arrested for Robbery.

6-5-2012 – Lorenzo Silver of Newark was arrested for Warrants.

6-06-2012 – Evelyn Madera of Belleville, N.J. was arrested for an outstanding warrant.

6-09-2012 – Jeremy Johnson of Bloomfield was arrested for Contempt.

6-10-2012- James Sessions

6-10-2012 – Winston Jackson

On June 6 at 1:06 a.m., Bloomfield Patrol Division Officers were dispatched to 122 Bloomfield Ave, the 7-11 on a report from the proprietor that there were 2 suspicious males outside of the business who were looking into cars in the parking lot possibly attempting to steal one. Officer Thomas Lutz was the first responding Officer to arrive on scene and he was able to detain two occupants inside of a 1998 Chevy Blazer fitting the description of the vehicle and the 2 males involved in the suspicious activity. After back up units arrived ( Officer’s Corio, Dwyer and Piscitelli ) and upon speaking to the driver, it became evident based on the drivers appearance and the odor of marijuana emanating from the vehicle and his person, that he was under the influence of an intoxicating liquor or drug. The driver, identified as James Sessions age 33 from Linden was placed under arrest. Simultaneously Officer Dwyer noticed in plain view in the rear of the SUV an unlabeled prescription bottle that appeared to contain individual small plastic baggies containing what he believed to be marijuana. While retrieving this bottle for evidence the following items were also retrieved from the vehicle as evidence:
5 baggies containing white powder believed to be cocaine
12 labeled glassine packets containing a powder believed to be heroine
8 baggies containing a white rock substance believed to be crack cocaine
1 pill believed to be ecstasy
1 loaded Smith & Wesson 9mm handgun
1 ASP retractable baton (similar to Police issue baton)
Both suspects were charged with numerous counts of possession of CDS, Possession with the intent to distribute, possession of weapons, possession of weapons for an unlawful purpose.
Judge Pirone set bail for James Sessions at $100,000.00 and for Winston Jackson at $75,000.00 and a court date of June 14, 2012 was set.

Along with the above mentioned arrest the following three people were also arrested for DUI this past week:

6-07-2012 – Elvis Garcia of Passaic was arrested for DWI.

6-09-2012 – Racheem Williams of Newark was arrested for DUI.

6-09-2012 – Yedesh Ramrattan of Bloomfield was arrested for DUI.

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