Cupcakefest on June 23 to Benefit Bukowski Animal Shelter

What can be sweeter than a day devoted to pets and cupcakes?

Sweet Avenue Bakeshop, a gourmet vegan bakery, is hosting Cupcakefest, an all-day concert and festival to benefit the John A. Bukowski Animal Shelter in Bloomfield and the NJSPCA, on Saturday, June 23, from 1 to 7 pm. Cupcakefest will showcase a full day of bands performing at the Lincoln Park Band Shell, 176 Park Avenue, Rutherford.

In addition to yummy cupcakes, Cupcakefest will also feature a variety of crafters and vendors, raffles, and a cupcake-eating contest to top off the day. All proceeds from raffles will be donated to the Shelter and the NJSPCA. The event is free to the public but attendees are encouraged to bring a monetary or pet food/supply donation for the Shelter and/or the SPCA. Donations of all types are always needed and always appreciated.

If you’re not able to attend Cupcakefest, checks for the Bloomfield Animal Shelter can be made payable and sent to: NTNN Animal Support Fund,1360 Clifton Ave. #321,Clifton, NJ 07012. All donations to the NTNN Animal Support Fund go directly to the medical care for the Shelter’s animals. The NJSPCA is able to accept monetary donations on its website as well: For more information please email or call 201-935-BAKE(2253).

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  1. What will really help the John A. Bukowski Animal Shelter in Bloomfield is to get the in-shelter volunteers back ASAP!

    On March 16 the Board of Health sent a mass email to the in-shelter volunteers firing them with no cause. Meanwhile fundraising and PR are still functioning. Why do Health officials want to keep volunteers away from the animals? Is there something to hide? We exercised, groomed, socialized and comforted animals no one else wanted. We cleaned cages, kennels, dog runs, food and water bowls, litter boxes…shoveled snow, cleaned up the outside, and painted when past staff didn’t do their jobs and their supervisors didn’t care. We worked countless hours outside of the shelter finding homes for the animals, making home visits, checking references, following up on adoptions for months afterward helping adopters make the adoption work. We gave over 10 years of our lives and countless thousands of our own dollars to help support the animal shelter. And our reward from the town was to be fired without warning and without cause. So much for volunteerism in Bloomfield!

    Staff is all part time, and they’ve been short staffed for months. The Health Officer fills in. Is that what we taxpayers are paying him for? They’d like the public to believe differently but the fact is there is no way 3 or 4 people can keep that shelter clean, answer ACO calls and perform their other tasks and still give those animals the one-on-one care they need and deserve and which increases their chances for adoption.

    Please take a few seconds to sign and share this petition to return the volunteers to the animal shelter. Thank you.

  2. it’s a real shame that the Bloomfield Health Department doesn’t seem to be considering the health and welfare of the animals that are in their charge.

    Up until March 16th there was a steady flow of volunteers socializing and taking care of both cats and dogs. Now if is only the part time help who can’t possibly be giving the animals the one-on-one attention that they need and deserve.

    SHAME ON the Bloomfield Board of Health as well as the Bloomfield Health Department.

    There is a Board of Health meeting this Thursday in the Mayor’s Conference Room – 2nd floor – Law Building next to the Bloomfield Municipal Building -6:30pm. You’ll note that there is no agenda posted..come hear the Board of health say that they can’t (or won’t) comment on any issue that the public brings up!

  3. Just a reminder to everyone who is reading this – the purpose of the article is to invite everyone to enjoy the Cupcakefest and help animals at the same time! Not just Bloomfield but also the NJSPCA! Please come and enjoy a fun day for a good cause!

  4. Just a reminder to all – there are problems at the Bloomfield Bukowski Animal Shelter. Problems caused by the high handedness of the Bloomfield Board of health and the Bloomfield Health Department.

    There are 0 (ZERO) volunteers AT THE SHELTER. The animals are being cared for by part time workers (not half enough of them to ocialize and give the animals needed attention).

    The purpose of the article may be to invite people to donate to the shelter..if you donate just be aware that there are major problems going on. I personally will no longer donate to the Bukowski shelter because of this. In the past I donated both my time and my money.

    Please take a few seconds to sign and share this petition to return the volunteers to the animal shelter. Thank you.

  5. Fundraising is all well and good. However, that’s all they’ve been doing to “help” the animals at the shelter. I’m sorry, but actual hands on attention will do them a hell of a lot more good than yet another photo op for a few chosen volunteers. And just where is all this money going? Without anyone at the shelter how can we be sure animals who need financial help and extra veterinary care are actually getting it? Please.

  6. I have to point out that if you have not been to the shelter you are only assuming there are problems or that the animals aren’t getting the care they need. The staff hours are staggered so there will be care for the animals. I have been down there and things seem to be clean. Encouraging people not to donate to the shelter does nothing to hurt the management but will hurt the animals since that money is used for extra medical care that may be needed. I understand the long-time volunteers are upset. But trying to harm the shelter will, in the end, harm the animals – and does not help get volunteers back in the shelter, for that matter.

  7. Mimi, we are not the ones hurting the animal shelter. Health officials are. We don’t care how clean the place is, or about staggered hours or anything else. We’ve been involved with that shelter over 10 years for most of us, many 5-7 days a week. If anyone knows what it takes to properly run an animal shelter and what the shelter needs it is the volunteers, most of whom devoted more hours per week to the animals and the shelter than many staffers did.

    Proper management wouldn’t include firing “free labor” for any reason. Proper management would include firing good, dedicated staffers for no cause. Proper management wouldn’t include hiring incompetent, unqualified people as “managers”. Proper management wouldn’t allow one faction of volunteers to sabotage and defame other volunteers for any reason. Proper management wouldn’t include policies and procedures which apply to some volunteers but not the ones who bring in the money.

    Proper management would make sure that the animals were properly cared for at all times. Proper management would make sure one group of volunteers did not continue to malign and remove another group. Proper management would make certain that all volunteers were treated with respect and common courtesy by staff and Health officials. Proper management would never let any group influence their actions or decisions. Proper management would know the value and importance of volunteers.

    We were involuntarily and abruptly fired with no cause and no warning. Then currently active volunteers along with Health officials publicly defamed us.

    We are not the ones harming the animal shelter. Those animals are as precious to us as our own.

    Proper management would understand that.

    There is nothing proper about the management of the shelter. Not any more.

  8. Proper management would include firing good, dedicated staffers for no cause.

    Should have read wouldn’t include firing…

  9. Please don’t assume that assumptions are being made!

    Of course you know that animals have been killed when all they needed was a small amount of medical attention. Let me call your attention to the case of the two cats killed last year- on because it had diabetes and the other because it was “too old” to be adopted. No amount of donations will take these actions back.

    I no longer donate.

  10. Two cats out of a whole year is not an excessive number of animals to be put down by a municipal shelter. Look at all of the adoptable cats that have been there for over a year who are still being given a chance for adoption. Since I was not there to see the condition of the two cats that were put down, I cannot address why these particular cats were not felt to be adoptable. Those reading this should not get the impression that the shelter is killing animals – it is a very rare occurrence when it happens at all.

  11. I hope the former Bloomfield volunteers will consider volunteering at the Homeless Animal Adoption League or Montclair Shelter. Both are run by people who work very hard for the animals, and volunteers are always welcomed.

  12. A lot of the former Bloomfield Bukowski Shelter volunteers are already volunteering at MAS!

  13. Two cats is two cats to many. I was told the story by the Bloomfield Health Officer who had them put down. He said that he came in early on a Saturday so that no volunteers would see him. The adoption committee was not told- they were not allowed to rescue the cats even though there was sanctuary for them to go to. There was money in the medical fund to have them treated. The volunteers were outraged and said so.

    Then of course there was the Glen Ridge kitty who was put down hours after being brought to the shelter for evaluation. The person who brought the Glen Ridge kitty had been bitten but wanted to adopt the cat- just wanted her to be looked at and given a clean bill of health by a vet. Instead they chopped her head off and sent it for rabies testing. Had the person who brought her in known what was to be done with her- she’s said that she would not have taken her to the shelter- she has now filed a complaint with the State of NJ.

    I’m sure that some of the other ex-volunteers would be willing to talk about animals that were deemed unadoptable – like Memphis the pitbull who is not being shown for adoption and was not allowed to be adopted by a Bloomfield Policeman.

  14. ps- how do you know it was only two cats in a year? Have you OPRA’d the euthanasia records?

  15. Mimi, I like you and don’t want to pick a fight with you. Or any one else for that matter. There has been nothing but fundraising and PR going on for the animal shelter by a chosen few volunteers. All the while the animals in the shelter have been deprived of the TLC and one-on-one specialized attention the in-shelter volunteers gave. Fair is fair. Right is right. This situation is neither.

    As for the two cats, Evander and Sasha, two was too many cats in this case. There was no good reason for it other than F. Michael Fitzpatrick deciding he didn’t want to spend money on those two cats. He did, indeed, kill those two animals as described by Pat Gilleran.

    Evander was a sweet, adoptable male cat who turned up FIV+. Definitely not a death sentence. Unfortunately it turned out he was also diabetic. Also not a death sentence unless he had the misfortune of being in a shelter run by F. Michael. I saw Evander and Sasha (whose only sin was being an older cat) on Wednesday afternoon. Once I heard about Evander’s diabetes I knew he was running out of time. I contacted a friend of mine who takes in cats like Evander and Sasha and she immediately agreed to take both cats. I went back to the shelter for my regular Saturday afternoon only to find out both had been killed that morning. There was no alert sent out to volunteers that might be the outcome, as the Adoption Committee was promised, and worse yet no attempt to have Evander seen by a veterinarian despite all of the money raised “for the animals”. Had I known F. Michael could be so mean spirited I would have gotten those two cats out of the shelter immediately.

    They weren’t the only casualties of F. Michael’s unilateral decisions.

    Any wonder why they fired the in-shelter volunteers? F. Michael doesn’t like anything he does to be questioned or examined.

    They can prove me wrong at any time and I’ll be very happy to be proven wrong. All they need to do is let the volunteers return to the shelter and the animals they love and dedicated over 10 years of their lives to.

  16. Yes, Pat, I’ve met some of them. Lovely people! I’m shedding a tear here over Evander and Sasha. I’ve adopted a lot of the “unadoptables” over the years, and they’re all such precious creatures.

  17. Thank you Nellie – they are wonderful people and care deeply about the animals at the shelter. They did not deserve to be dismissed and villified by the Bloomfield Health Department and Bloomfield Board of Health!

    You can see from Karen Banda’s post above – they knew each animal by name – knew their story, habits, likes, dislikes and needs- volunteered their time on a regular basis – and worked tirelessly to get each and every animal forever homes or into sanctuary (if sanctuary they donated $$$ to provide it).

    When I have more time (my husband was released from Kessler mid-May and right now he’s got most if not ALL my spare time) and can volunteer again it will be with PAWS, A Purrfect World, HAAL, or the Montclair Animal Shelter – all of them take great care of the animals that are entrusted to them.

    If anyone wants to donate or volunteer here are their links



    Homeless Animal Adoption League (HAAL)


  18. Please let me know if you OPRA the euthanasia records it will save me writing yet another OPRA request.

  19. I neglected to add my favorite part about this entire sorry situation:

    The Board of Health (James McLaughlin, Kathleen DeMarino, Stephanie M. Smith, Joel Elkins, Martha Felix) which so easily and without question fired in-shelter volunteers without cause is the same august body that last August couldn’t or wouldn’t vote to fire a former shelter “manager” even after he admitted to them that he did, indeed, remove the shelter’s computer and destroy the hard drive.

  20. Getting back to the original intent of this story — please come out and support the Cupcakefest (such a cute name) tomorrow! This was, and is, a fundraising story. Interested parties can also donate via an Amazon “wish list” (go on the shelter site) which is a very effective way to help the animals, too. With all due respect to the former volunteers, I will not get into a political discussion about this shelter. And just for the record, I am neither on the fundraising committee, nor on the media committee for the Bukowski Animal Shelter. Thank you!

  21. Now the killing of animals is considered a “political discussion”.

    Yes, the original intent of this thread was to get money for the Bloomfield Bukowski shelter. But it’s been pointed out that the donators may want to know how their money is used or if their money is used for the intent that they donated for – the care and health of the animals.

    I won’t be donating…or volunteering anymore at the Bloomfield Bukowski Shelter. I care whether my money is used for what I donated for.

  22. No one said that the making these particular cupcakes endangered any animals. Does that mean that soymilk was used and that no eggs or butter are in them.

    If so, it’s a shame that that aren’t being made for a better cause.

  23. Bees are flying insects closely related to wasps and ants, and are known for their role in pollination and for producing honey and beeswax. Bees are a monophyletic lineage within the superfamily Apoidea, presently classified by the unranked taxon name Anthophila. There are nearly 20,000 known species of bees in seven to nine recognized families, though many are undescribed and the actual number is probably higher.

  24. Since it’s a long discussion please talk to an animal rights activist or vegan in person to understand why all animal products, including eggs, milk, and honey are not a part of their diets.

  25. oh right! sure…long discussion as to how and why it harms the bees to eat their honey. I guess it also harms soy plants to drink soy milk.

  26. Vegans don’t eat any animal products, none, so why the fuss. Just accept that they don’t eat anything made by or from an animal. I’m not sure how else to explain veganism.

  27. I’ve been to Sweet Ave many times, and really like their cupcakes. You would never know that there are no milk, eggs, or honey in them. There is a great Vegan cupcake cookbook Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World.

  28. Any animal not adopted after 30 days should be put down. Especially those damn Pittbulls. End of problem, it’s the only humane thing to do. Keeping any animal locked up in a cage is just barbaric.

  29. Sheepy, that is why the bulk of the money I donate to animal shelters goes to no-kill shelters. Unless an animal has a debilitating, incurable illness that causes it to be in pain or discomfort or cannot be adopted due to violent/aggressive behavior, I don’t think animals should have a shelf life. For the most part, we have an animal problem because we have a people problem. People are the ones who don’t spay/neuter their pets, people adopt animals then change their minds about wanting a pet so the animal becomes neglected, people inflict cruelty on animals. Yet, we take it out on the animals, giving them a finite life sentence because no one wants them.

  30. Martta, I agree for the most part except for not supporting “kill shelters”. The Bloomfield Animal Shelter was extremely high kill when I first got there 15 years ago. It was a nightmare as a volunteer and I can just imagine what the animals endured, including incompetents putting them down. The only thing that turned the shelter around was hardcore, long-term, dedicated and passionate volunteers. While it is not no-kill (it can’t be as it is a municipal facility) it is much better than it was even 4 years ago. That’s not to say it’s perfect…especially without in-shelter volunteers.

    Anyway, if you think about it there’s really no such thing as a “no kill” shelter. What they do is push the killing onto public shelters and pounds. No-kill, private, shelters and rescues have the luxury of turning away animals when they’re full. Municipal shelters like MAS and BAS don’t have that luxury.

    What we volunteers disagreed with, and will continue to disagree about, is as Martta put it, a “shelf life” on an animals. Why should it matter how long an animal is at the shelter if other animals are moving out to make room for new animals to move in? It shouldn’t. Some animals take longer to find their forever homes than others, especially kittens and small fluffy dogs such as the ones Bloomfield mysteriously is full of lately. (Where do they all come from and what happened to all the pit bulls and larger dogs?)

    Quality of life for shelter animals is exactly why and tied to having volunteers to work with them is so important. We pray the powers that be in the Health Department grow a heart, much as the Grinch did on Christmas morning. I just hope we don’t have to wait that long.

  31. Karen is right: “Anyway, if you think about it there’s really no such thing as a “no kill” shelter. What they do is push the killing onto public shelters and pounds. No-kill, private, shelters and rescues have the luxury of turning away animals when they’re full. Municipal shelters like MAS and BAS don’t have that luxury.”

    It’s a wonderful thing to be a no-kill shelter, and if ALL shelters were no-kill, it would be great. But they aren’t. And places like North Shore Animal Shelter and other no-kill shelters do not take in just any animal. If they are full, animals are turned away and the owners are forced to turn the animal in to a municipal shelter where they do put down animals. Thankfully, thanks to a lot of advocacy by animal lovers over the years, the Bloomfield Animal Shelter puts down very few animals. I wish ALL animals could be saved, but they can’t. And sometimes no-kill shelters are keeping unadoptable animals for years while very adoptable pets are being put down at kill shelters because they couldn’t get in to the no-kill shelter. There is no perfect solution, sadly.

    As for Sheepy’s statement about “those damn pitbulls,” obviously he has never met a pitbull or he wouldn’t say that. Pitbulls are among the most affectionate and loving dogs you can have. I have two and they are great. As for the small fuzzy dogs at BAS, there are also two pittie mixes and they are looking for homes! Hopefully someone will adopt them soon!

    “Pitbulls are among the most affectionate and loving dogs you can have.” I don’t think so Mimimichalski, try telling that to the hundreds of Pittbull victims and their families. Compare the unprovoked attack rates of Pitbulls to Golden retrievers. This breed needs to be eradicated. Who needs a four legged weapon/lawsuit as a companion? What does a Pittbull provide to you that another safer breed can’t? Do they really give you something that no other breed can, or are they really just a statement?

  33. ANY breed of dog can become violent if it is raised aggressively. And sometimes, a pet dog can turn on family member, particularly children, for no reason at all, no matter what the breed. They are animals, subject to animal instincts, and there is still a lot to be learned about why they do certain things. I don’t think it’s fair, or accurate, to single out one breed.

  34. Wow- that describes people too. I’ve been turned on and bitten by some folks without a moments warning.

  35. Thanks, Mimi. The but only thing that changed the kill rate at the Bukowski Aninmal Shelter was the determination of the hands-on volunteers to save as many animals as possible. Fundraising didn’t do it. PR didn’t do it. A core group of hands-on volunteers did it. In 2009 not one healthy animal was put down. There were no Fundraising or Media Committee – or F. Michael for that matter.

    What will keep things from reverting back to the old ways, especially now that the long-time core volunteers were thrown out?


  36. Thank you, Mrs. Martta, for your comment. Sheepy’s link takes you to a whole bunch of news reports about pit bull attacks – but of course they call all kinds of dogs “pit bulls” that may be blends of other types of dogs and not American Pit Bull Terriers at all. I know someone whose family dog, a Golden Retriever, suddenly attacked her son and seriously injured him. But of course that never made the news – it wasn’t a pit bull; there are probably a lot of attacks that are never reported. And you’ll note many of the reports are in cases with unattended young children or babies, or dogs running loose. Responsible owners = good dogs.

    Pit bulls actually score better on official temperament tests than Goldens or a number of other breeds.

    As for your question, “What does a pit bull provide me with that another “safer” breed doesn’t?” Well, for one thing I totally trust my dogs won’t bite me, which is more than I could say for the two Pekingeses I had when I was young! Seriously, though, pits are very affectionate, very loving dogs and can be real clowns – they make you laugh. They are energetic and fun, they love to play. They are very social with people. Sure, there are nasty ones, but there are nasty poodles too. Friends of ours had to put down their standard poodle (the big kind) for attacking people and biting viciously.

    Here are the statistics from the 2011 temperament test (ATT):


    Results as of March 31, 2011[1]
    American Pit Bull Terrier: 804 tested; 86.4% passed
    American Staffordshire Terrier: 627 tested; 84.2% passed
    Staffordshire Bull Terrier: 117 tested; 89.7% passed
    Total: 1548 tested; 85.8% passed

    To put this in perspective, consider:
    All Breeds: 30,876 tested; 83% passed
    Collie: 856 tested; 79.9% passed
    Cocker Spaniel: 227 tested; 81.9% passed
    Australian Cattle Dog: 187 tested; 79.1% passed
    Beagle: 72 tested; 80.6% passed
    Golden Retriever: 764 tested; 84.9% passed

  37. Karen, the credit definitely goes to the volunteers for all they have done. However, I don’t believe things are going to go back to the way they were.

  38. The way the shelter was when there were many volunteers caring for the animals – or the way the shelter was before the caring volunteers?

    I believe that they have already reverted to the way they were before there were caring volunteers. Dogs are not being walked with the frequency that they were walked when there were in-shelter volunteers where is their play-time with humans? Since there are no in-shelter volunteers and only a handful of part-time workers and the touted longer hours the dogs get to lay in the concrete hot runs longer

    Does anyone see any dogs being walked outside of the shelter? When there were volunteers there was a steady stream of dogs being cheerfully walked and played with.

    Sheepy- your comments remind me of when the Irish were assumed to be drunkards,Italians assumed to be in the mafia, women assumed to be as only good for baby making. Stereotypes are generally wrong and just show your personal biases.

    Havind said that, I was attacked by two Chihuahuas in the South Mountain Dog Park (the large dog section). Should I be wrtitng articles and getting petitions together to outlaw them?


    BAD OWNER = uncontrollable dog

  39. Description of the Temperament Test

    The ATTS Temperament Test focuses on and measures different aspects of temperament such as stability, shyness, aggressiveness, and friendliness as well as the dog’s instinct for protectiveness towards its handler and/or self-preservation in the face of a threat.

    The test simulates a casual walk through a park or neighborhood where everyday life situations are encountered. During this walk, the dog experiences visual, auditory and tactile stimuli. Neutral, friendly and threatening situations are encountered, calling into play the dog’s ability to distinguish between non-threatening situations and those calling for watchful and protective reactions.

    Dogs must be at least 18 months old to enter this test. The test takes about eight to 12 minutes to complete. The dog is on a loose six-foot (6′) lead. The handler is not allowed to talk to the dog, give commands, or give corrections.

    You’ll notice that the Chihuahuas who attacked me are rated at 68.3% (way lower thah pitbulls)and my happy but protective German Shorthaired Pointers are rated as more agressive than any pitbull:

    Breed Name Tested Passed Failed Percent
    German Shorthaired Pointer 130 100 30 76.9%

  40. I should have explained- low is not good is shows the % of dogs that were tested and passed. Pitbulls of all kids passed at a relatively good rate- see Mimi’s post above. Chihuahuas did not pass as well and neither did my German Shorthaired Pointers.

    Should we start legislation to ban Chihuahuas – I think not

    ps Bichon Frises passed about as well as my Shorthairs but less well than pitbulls

  41. Pat, thanks for pointing out the other breeds that score less well than pit bulls and for standing up for them! I agree completely, stereotyping pit bulls is the same as racial/ethnic stereotyping. Re: the shelter, I am hoping that the shelter does not revert back to the bad old days the way it was before the volunteers. But from what I know, dogs are being walked regularly by staff members (including the manager) after the visiting hours of the shelter are over, from 4 to 8 p.m. Also before it is open to the public in the morning till 1. They are being interacted with during the afternoon as well. While I think walking is great, it isn’t doing the dog that much good if he just came back from a walk and another person shows up and walks him again (which happened once when I came to walk a dog). Other interactions can be more helpful, such as training or working with them to learn commands, etc., which I understand is happening as well.

  42. I just hope the cats are also getting the attention they deserve.It is so important to socialize the less friendly ones for adoption.

  43. @ pat gilleran, “Sheepy- your comments remind me of when the Irish were assumed to be drunkards,Italians assumed to be in the mafia, women assumed to be as only good for baby making.” I can’t agree with your assumptions pat gilleran and I find them offensive. It’s 2012 for God’s sake, do you hold this same hatred for Blacks and Jews?

    BTW-I’m very sorry that you were attacked by 2 Chihuahuas. Can you imagine the mauling you would have received had you been attacked by 2 vicious Pitbulls?

    Maybe it’s Karma, if you didn’t have such hatred for the Irish, Italians and women, sensitive dogs wouldn’t be driven to attack you. God bless and keep you Pat.

  44. Again — getting back to the purpose of this post — fundraising! The Cupcakefest may be over (and so glad it was successful), but donations are still needed! The Amazon “wish list” is a great way to donate, in particular.

    I can’t and won’t get into what’s been going on with the “old” volunteers (although there will be a new plan in place very shortly for people want to volunteer) – mostly because it gets so nasty and, frankly boring (everyone saying the same thing over and over again).

    But I know we all care about the animals and they need our FINANCIAL help (BTW — every Opra requests — and there have been zillions of them since this has happened — cost the township of Bloomfield both money and time. Not a great way to spend the town’s $$). Again, I get the ire (to a point) but enough already! Sometimes it’s time to move on and accept the situation. Why keep drudging things up over and over again (now look, I am doing it. Yikes!).

    Here’s to the animals that need our financial help, as well as daily care (which they do get currently and will surely get more of soon).

    BTW — as a 21 year volunteer of Greyhound Friends, I can’t even tell you the times we’ve (the volunteers) have had to suck it up (esp. from the track owners) but we do because it saves dogs. Sometimes it’s very tough! (so I get it).

    Thank you!

  45. Oh goody, Deb. You’re back. We missed you. Not.

    I don’t recall your name on the volunteer list or working in the heat/snow/rain/muck cleaning/shoveling/scrubbing/walking/grooming/socializing/training/exercising Bloomfield Shelter animals. How you are now so knowledgeable about everything, including OPRA requests, is truly amazing.

    BTW – you’d be surprised the lies and backstabbing uncovered via OPRA requests. Eye-opening, especially for a tax payer in this Godforsaken town.

  46. Oh Karen — your first line is beyond sad (for you, not me.). JUST FYI — I don’t owe you any explanation at all.
    But I do know that the animals need $$/donations.

    Be well.

  47. @sheepy funny as I’m 1/2 jewish 1/2 irish and all woman. Oh by the way, my son and granddaughter consider themselves black.

    I was mauled and bitten repeatedly by the vicious Chihuahua sister – I don’t hold it against them – they has a BAD OWNWER

  48. Dear Broide,

    OPRA costs the town nothing- there is a record retention clerk who devotes 100% of her time to overseeing OPRA and records retention. Requests are sent to the various department heads- we pay them no overtime as they are EXEMPT.

    Portion of comment removed by editors
    < --Get your facts straight missy-->if there was transparency there would be no need for OPRA requests.

  49. Yes- the focus of this thread was to generate $$$ for the Bukowski shleter.

    Please donate to other animal shelters where volunteers and animals are cared for and prized.

    Forget the Bloomfield Bukowski Shelter where volunteers are taken for granted, dismissed, and reviled and where the “animal medical fund” is not spent for animals in need.

  50. Dear Ms Gilleran,
    Opra costs the township (all townships) money in administration fees and staff time. There have been hundreds (literally) of Oprah requests from just one person. That takes time and staff $$ (to read them).

    Perhaps YOU should get your facts straight (or not. Up to you). As for encouraging all of us to donate $$ to other shelters — good idea! All shelters should get donationas, including Bloomfield/Bukowski.

    I truly don’t understand why you can’t move in, although I do get why people like Ms. Banda are upset as she volunteered for so long and so well. This group of volunteers aren’t going back (unless they re-apply). Period, the end. I get the frustrations (especially Ms. Banda’s as she was a volunteer for well over 10 or 15 years. You were not). However, all of this bitterness is not changing a thing.

    Deborah Broide (not “Broide.” Please treat me with the respect that I am trying — hard — treat you).

    ps The animals still need donations. You may not like that you, and others have been “removed” but your removal should not mean that you tell others not to donate (is it about the animas or the former volunteers? My guess is that even some of the volunteers would not be calling for a “boycott” of donating money to the shelter).

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