Does Dad Like to Swim with the Sharks?

credit: Terry Goss, Wikipedia

This caught our attention: Adventure Aquarium in Camden recently offered a “Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Swim with the Sharks & Feeding Fury” Facebook Offer. For $175, Dad and a lucky guest could participate in a Swim with the Sharks Adventure; the Feeding Fury Adventure is $150.  “Give Dad the gift of a lifetime!” said the ad.

Unfortunately the offer is fully booked; however, if you wondered what Dad will be missing, here is how the aquarium website describes the experience:

So you think you’ve got guts? Well, come on down and go for a swim in our Shark Realm. Our cast will brief you on what to expect, teach you about the animals you will encounter and give you a quick snorkeling lesson. Once you’ve gotten your nerves under control, you’ll enter the Shark Realm where you’ll come within inches of sandbar sharks, nurse sharks and barracuda. Once you’ve gone around the perimeter of the Shark Realm, you’ll enter the Stingray Lagoon where you can swim with and feed dozens of stingrays.  You can even have your picture taken to prove to everyone that you actually did it.

The Feeding Fury gives guests the chance to feed the sharks:

They will see the behind-the-scenes food preparation area, get harnessed in and be within inches of the ominous sharks of Shark Realm. We will take a picture of your experience as a proof of your adventure for family and friends. Guests will receive instructions regarding procedures and guidelines before entering the feeding area on the catwalk of Shark Realm.

Of course, you can still pay full price to enter the Shark Realm or feed the creatures whenever you’d like.

Now that this offer is off the table, what ARE you going to get Dad for Father’s Day?

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  1. There are probably far, far more “sharks” on the truly mean streets of Camden (surely the most unsafe town in this state) than at the Aquarium, I suspect.

  2. No thanks….I’ll stick to flying 35,000 feet in an aluminum tube for my thrills and four hours in the air with no inflight entertainment.
    PAZ in LAS

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