Go Green and Save Some Green

Montclair will host a free Green Energy Fair at the Farmers’ Market as part of the Township’s Climate Showcase Community “It’s In Our Power” campaign. The energy fair will take place Saturday, June 16, from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. on the green space next to the Walnut Street Train Station parking lot.

Visitors will learn about simple steps to take that will help save money and energy and how to be more comfortable and healthier in their homes. Deeply discounted compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) will be available for purchase, and homeowners can have their roofs screened via satellite photos to learn if their home’s roof is eligible for a no-cost solar installation.

Information on “Home Performance with Energy Star” will be provided, including available rebates for improving your house.

In addition, there will be children’s activities and refreshments.

The Montclair office of Environmental Affairs will be on hand to help visitors “Take the Pledge” to reduce their energy use and lower their carbon footprint. Hand-outs will explain how to receive $50 for an unwanted old refrigerator instead of paying $10 for its removal, how to choose a home energy audit company, and how safer yard care can protect the planet.

Project Porchlight – a program funded by the Office of Clean Energy at the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities – will sell energy-efficient lighting kits featuring 14 CFLs and two desk lamps – a $75 value for only $10. Since every CFL saves about $30 on utility bills compared to a standard incandescent bulb, each $10-kit can save the buyer over $400.

GreenFaith, a statewide interfaith environmental coalition, with their partner AP Solar, will explain their innovative Residential Solar Campaign, enabling homeowners to receive a solar installation at no cost, and to purchase solar power at a discount to standard utility prices, saving thousands of dollars on electricity costs.

The Green Energy Fair will be informative and fun for the whole family. For further information, contact the office of Environmental Affairs: 973-509-5721, or grussell@montclairnjusa.org.

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  1. Cradle to grave CFLs are much worse for the environment.

    They are all made in china and have to be transported here. They are heavily subsidized and even then still cost more. they contain mercury, they emit EMFs and UV. Not to mention the light quality is HORRIBLE and the manufacturers all overestimate the equivalent wattage and under estimate actual power consumption.

    But its not really about the environment is it?

  2. “But its not really about the environment is it?”

    Of course not. Since Communism couldn’t succeed through force and oppression they knew they needed a new strategy to defeat Capitalism, environmentalism. …..and the sheeple follow lock step never questioning.

  3. Yup, the source of that ‘study’ is a professor whose twitter title reads “concerned about the environment” and teaches at probably the most far left school in the country Cal -Berkley.

    Next Please.

  4. Ad hominem. Dispute his facts, then you can mention bias.

    Of course, given what he studies, what is he supposed to say? “Everything I research points to climate change, but I’m not concerned.”?

  5. “Since Communism couldn’t succeed through force and oppression they knew they needed a new strategy to defeat Capitalism, environmentalism.”

    —so BOA is part of a communist plot?

  6. BOA playing the public relations game…take 50 billion in taxpayer bailout and ‘commit’ to 45 billion in this crapola….maybe you people that pulled your money out of them and put it in credit unions really made a dent, hahahaha.

  7. Hate to tell you this herb, but you flat earthers are dwindling in number. Science and facts have a way of being persuasive that partisan circular logic does not. The fact that you’re resorting to crazy consipiracy theories only proves my point.

  8. Funny how people squirm and complain about CFL’s at home but freely work and shop and party in public places lit by the same kind of “socialist” bulb.

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