Honey, There’s a Giant Tomato in the Garden!

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In the middle of the night, my husband went out to get some things out of the car and came back to deliver this surprising news: somebody had put a giant stuffed tomato in our perennial garden.

I repeated it groggily, before the image sunk in. “Is it still there?” I asked.

“No, I moved it inside.”

“Did you take a picture of it?”

“No, it’s dark.”

“Did it smoosh some of the flowers?”


So we had to recreate the scene of the tomato drop this morning. But at least the tomato stayed safe and dry during the thunderstorm that took place a few hours later. And to my relief, it hadn’t knocked down the three-foot tall digitalis, although it had put something of a crimp in the columbine.

Clues as to why I was the beneficiary of such large (tomato) esse?

There was a message affixed to the creation:

Tomato Season…

REMEMBER: Its (sic) a fruit! Not a vegetable!

Pass this on in support of our GARDEN STATE.

A source of mine, who prefers to remain unnamed, said she saw two girls — one of them a Glen Ridge High School Class of 2011 graduate — rolling said tomato on the sidewalk at Bay and Ridgewood in Glen Ridge around 7 p.m. last night. So we have a recent high school graduate who has some apostrophe deficits, but is passionate about tomato taxonomy.

Otherwise, it’s just another sign of the general whimsy that is living in Glen Ridge.

And tonight, I guess I get to be the Tomato Fairy!


  1. POSTED BY Carl Bergmanson  |  June 29, 2012 @ 2:02 pm

    Now all they need are some giant sewing needles…

  2. POSTED BY melodyrhymes  |  August 04, 2012 @ 10:06 am

    Drool* for the biggest tomato ever.
    Tomatoes are really my favorite. I wonder if there can really be a huge one 😀

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