It’s Camp Ask Holly

What are the two words we don’t want to hear from our kids? You know the two words—they rhyme with lime nord. What do we want to hear? “Hey Mommy, can I make you another martini? You work so hard to keep us all happy. Sit down and take a load off—-wow Mommy you look skinny have you lost weight? And what is with that skin of yours? It is flawless—really, Flawless. Now let me finish vacuuming  and pour you a drink!”

Usually when kids complain about being bored it really means, “I want YOU to do something WITH me.” I’m here to help. You don’t have to scramble around running to the store for craft supplies. I will give you your shopping list right now. This way, on those rainy or blistery hot days when there is nothing doin’ you will be ready! Okay, now do a little victory dance with me—go Mommy, go Daddy, go Grandma, go Grandpa! Okay stop. That’s enough. Time to skedaddle your keister to the store!


  • Red white and blue jars with a star spangled portable dessert: Empty jars, red white and blue striped ribbon and glue
  • Easy capes for your little superheroes: A couple yards of felt, scissors, hot glue
  • Stone creatures: Small stones, Sharpies, small googly eyes, hot glue or strong epoxy (with the help of a parent)
  • Funky bubble wands: 18 gauge wire, beads, needle-nosed pliers
  • Fun with coconuts: A screwdriver and a hammer (string if you are going to make a sexy bathing suit)
  • OJ Lid Concentration: Lids from frozen juice concentrate 10-20, photocopies of favorite family members in pairs, tape or glue
  • Making a tornado in a jar and other projects with jars: Empty jars and food coloring
  • Easy scavenger hunts: Paper, scissors and markers
  • Morning glory vine: Blue origami or thin blue paper, green wire or green pipe-cleaners
Could this get any easier?

My Top Supplies:

  • A pack of multi-colored pipe cleaners. Give them a pack and ask them how many things they can make without scissors or glue
  • Felt rectangles in various colors: Fun for making accessories for dolls, Barbie, ponds and grass for train sets, etc.
  • Card-stock in various colors: Great for making cards, signs for pretend play and beats the crap out of wimpy construction paper
  • A cool temperature glue gun: They cost less than $5. Now go get one!
  • Empty clean glass jars
  • Mini multi-colored Sharpie markers
  • Small googly eyes
  • A pack of red, yellow, green and blue food coloring

Once a week I will have a simple craft that to chase the words, “I’m bored” away. Unlike a regular crafty-craft all of these projects will  keep them entertained even after your glue gun has been stowed away.

Supplies available at  A.C. Moore , I’ve Got a NotionMichael’s and Staples

Summer craft questions? Just Ask Holly in comments.

OK you can dance again, just dance on your way to the store—got it?

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  1. So what time is drop-off for Camp Ask Holly? My kids are so excited to be at your house every day Hols! 😉

  2. Anne the parents will be thrilled when their kids will come home with a real skill-Tending Home Bar. A skill that will later on help them pay those student loans. THANKS HOLLY YOU ARE THE BEST!

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