Lights, Cameras, Chico’s!

If you’re a Chico’s type of gal — and what woman of a certain age isn’t? — you might be excited to learn that they’re filming a commercial on Church Street in Montclair today. I may just have to drop by uninvited for a street fashion show. Thanks to Michael Stahl of Best Friend Photography for sending this photo and keeping us in the loop.

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  1. Congratulations to Mr. Grabowski! It looks like his master plan is working and he’s attracted another national chain store to Church Street.

    Oh, wait. Nevermind…

  2. What sort of revenue does a shoot like this generate for the town? I was there this morning and the whole area was on lock-down. I see large shoots happening more and more – and every time it’s an inconvenience to residents, to say the least. Where does the money (for permits, etc) go?

  3. here here – i too’ve been wondering how much it takes to rent out a street like Church st was yesterday. i had thought it was going to be a mere few hours but it was most of the day.

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