Lotus Yoga is Moving

Another yoga studio will be leaving Montclair this month for a new location. Lotus Yoga, currently located at 7 North Willow in Montclair, is moving to Bloomfield on June 15, according to founder and director Jennifer Kohl.

No word yet on why Lotus is leaving their iconic Montclair studio with its chandeliers, vaulted ceilings and ornate wood carvings.

In March 2011, Lotus opened a second studio in Newark on Washington Street.

While it wasn’t the only factor, parking was a reason for Starseed Yoga’s relocation from Montclair to Verona this month. “It was an issue especially for nighttime students,” said Starseed’s owner, Amy Para. The weekly concerts at the Wellmont take up much of the street parking for students, especially on Saturday nights. Para said that some students would miss class because they couldn’t find a parking spot.

“Morning students would also get tickets when they parked on the street,” said Para. “I’ve actually gotten a ticket.”

Para said that their Verona studio has a parking lot.

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  1. Rich, in the Bloomfield Buzz there was mention of a hsob walking tour of the Bloomfield Cemetery with date TBD. Any word on when that might be?

  2. I can’t help but wonder if the fact that Montclair is filthy with yoga studios is a reason many of these places move out. I’m sure parking and rent is also an issue, but there are so many studios it’s gotta be hard to do a strong business. Maybe in another town if they’re only one of maybe 2 yoga studios, they’ll do better.

  3. I agree that Montclair has so many yoga studios and it’s just good economics to spread out a bit.

  4. Fried says: “We have to get over our culture’s obsession with having parking exactly where you want to go.”

    If Yoga students won’t walk to the studio, then who will?

    There’s a reason there are so many vacancies on the Avenue. It’s the lack of parking. Not everyone is a bike-centric boob. Though Fried would like to differ with this opinion.

  5. what are you a bananahead? Lotus is known for their teaching program,.these arent just HOUR sessions. It disrupts your practice and its hard to keep time when you are a student. Its nothing new that Montclair BLOWS with parking,.
    its also congested with traffic.

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