Montclair Police Blotter: Burglary, Armed Robbery, Shoplifting


On May 28, 2012 at approx 2021 hours, Officers responded to an Essex Avenue address on a report of a burglary. The resident informed officers that the family left the home on Friday May 25th at approx 2030 hours for the Memorial Day weekend. Upon returning on May 28th they found the home ransacked. Entry appears to have been made through a basement window. The outer window was completely removed from its frame and the interior window seems to have been kicked in. Stolen were two Canon cameras, a Sony DCH-HXI camera, an Apple iPod, three silver Apple MacBook laptops, a black Apple MacBook Pro, a Sony playstation 3, and approx $1000.00 worth of jewelry. Anyone with information contact Det. Singleton at 973-509-4722.


On June 4, 2012 at approx 2037 hours, police were called to an Eagle Rock Way address on a burglary attempt. Officers arrived and were informed by the homeowner that as he was going to his kitchen to get his iPAD he heard someone attempting to open his side kitchen door. When the subjects saw the homeowner they ran off. They were described as two young black males both wearing jeans, one of which had a red shirt. Anyone with information contact Det. Barnes at 973 509 4731.


On June 2, 2012 at approx 1412 hours, an Orange resident came into the lobby of police headquarters to report a theft from his motor vehicle. He informed police that he parked his 1998 Dodge Van at the corner of Harrison Avenue and Tichenor Place. He walked away from the vehicle for about five minutes. The vehicle was left unlocked and taken from a cup holder between the driver and passenger seats was $200.00.


On June 4, 2012 at approx 1108, police responded to a St. Lukes address on a report of a large amount of blood found on the ground and near the door frame of the apartment. Upon arriving they were led by the caller to the trail of blood. Police followed it to an apartment and knocked on the door. They were met at the door by the victim who had several severe facial injuries and was covered in dried up blood. The victim, a Hispanic male, informed police that he was struck in the head with a handgun and robbed of $2000.00. Victim was out with friends and returned home at approx 2330 hours. He parked his vehicle and as he was exiting it and securing it when he was struck in the head by a brown skinned male who stated “GIVE ME EVERYTHING”. The victim heard two actors but lost consciousness. When he came to he walked to his apartment and fell asleep. Victim was taken to the hospital by police for treatment on his injuries. Anyone with information contact Det. Singleton at 973 509 4722.


On June 3, 2012 at approx 2035 hours, police responded to the A&P on Valley Road on a report of a shoplifting that had just occurred. Employees advised police that a white female with black hair in a pony tail wearing a blue shirt exited the store with a cart full of merchandise without paying. As they attempted to follow her outside her accomplice, a skinny white male over six feet tall, short dirty blonde with a mustache, wearing a blue shirt and hat blocked their path. He rambled on about the loss of a cell phone which gave the female actor time to load some of the items and drive away. The vehicle was described as a white 2 door Ford Explorer and it fled south on Valley Road. Anyone with information contact Det. Turner at 973 509 4724.


On June 4, 2012 at approx 0630 hours, police responded to the Senior Care building on Greenwood Avenue on a report of damage to a vehicle. Upon arriving employees lead the officer to one of their company vehicles parked in their lot. The vehicle had the ignition and driver side door lock punched out. Vehicle was last seen undamaged on Friday June 1. As of this time nothing missing from inside the vehicle.

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  1. “The vehicle was left unlocked and taken from a cup holder between the driver and passenger seats was $200.00.”

    Okay if someone is dumb enough to leave cash out in sight and their car door unlocked it should not be considered a crime worth the efforts of the police to even write down that it happened.

  2. Sounds like cutting MPD forces and a minimum 20% affordable housing is the answer to Montclair’s woes.

  3. Who leaves home for ANY amount of time with $10,000 worth of jewelry in the house, not to mention all of the electronics? Hard to have sympathy. Get a burglar alarm people.

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