Montclair’s Berry Sweet Opens To Fill Ever-Growing Need For Fro-Yo

OK, you know the drill. Get your cup, pump out some fro-yo, add a familiar or strange amalgam of toppings, weigh, scarf down.

Berry Sweet in Watchung Plaza is the latest in a string of self-serve yogurt shops in Montclair that just keeps getting longer. We brought two tween testers to take the place through its paces. Here’s what we learned:

On the sweet/tart scale, Berry Sweet’s yogurt not as tart/tangy as Red Mango, and not as sweet as Let’s Yo — almost like a hybrid of the two other brands. Berry Sweet’s space is smaller than some of the other fro-yo shops (although owners have access to the former Four Paws space and planned to use it as a connecting lounge/game room space for kids, nothing is definite yet) but has a bank of machines, topping station and syrups, as well as a row of pink chairs for sitting and spooning. Last night, customers were enjoying their treats outside and it’s easy to envision the place crawling with kids who already bike/walk to the plaza.

Six machines offers a total of 18 flavors — two primary flavors and a third flavor that comes from mixing those two together. Flavors on deck yesterday included peanut butter, pistachio, cappuccino, cake batter, pomegranate raspberry, strawberry, chocolate, N.Y. cheesecake and dulce de leche. Here’s what else we learned — leave your kid with a $20 and she will spend $7 on a huge yogurt she won’t finish. The owner very kindly gave me my serving gratis when I came back to collect the kids. Favorite flavors among our testers? Peanut butter, Milky Way, dulce de leche and strawberry.

Photos: Ava Marzulli

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  1. Yep, it’s good. Been twice. Today I tasted fresh mint and dulce de leche.
    Both hit the spot. That’s 4 out of 4! Welcome – a nice addition to Watchung Plaza!

  2. How about a self-imposed limit by the Baristas to the effect of, say, one item about frozen yogurt? Per yesr, that is, lest we get the impression there aren’t more relevant issues crying out for coverage? (I, for one, for instance, am still curious why that Glen Ridge block party was so rapidly shut down. And what happened to the appeal to the Times’s public editor re what they claimed was slanted election coverage?)

  3. It’s too hot to eat real food so we went to this place tonight to pump out some fro-yo. I like tart, with no toppings. The tart was okay, but nothing to write home about. It was better than Red Mango, though, which is horrible (haven’t tried Let’s Yo at all).

    The business model of these fro-yo stores is interesting — get the customers to do the work (self serve); charge too much money, and have as little help as possible in the store. Also fro-yo is not “light” (i.e. it’s just as fattening as ice cream) although the nutrition info makes it seem like you are getting fewer calories (good marketing!). Next time we decide to eat ice cream for dinner (not a good choice anyway!) we’ll go back to Applegate or Holstens (for the real stuff. And you don’t even have to serve yourself!).

  4. I went here with some friends the other day and it didn’t go over to well. My friends and I are big fans of Red Mango, but we still like the sweet yogurt as well (cups and twist), so we thought it would be good. We got there and noticed it looked somewhat unfinished. The yogurt was too sweet for our taste and frankly (and this is coming from someone who is not at all lactose sensitive) made my stomach feel like a rock was sitting on the bottom of it. The toppings were also very uncovered and my “fresh” strawberries tasted like tar. :/ Not my favorite yogurt place.

  5. I went on saturday to this place and it was delicious. I couldn’t even believe it was frozen yogurt. It seemed more to me like a regular icecream. I ended up going back on sunday with a few friends and they loved it as well. Definitely, this will be my stop everyweekend. Some frozen yogurts have a bitter or sour aftertaste not in Berry Sweet. This place is excellent!!! We needed this here at Watchung Plaza!

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