Day Trip: Ponderosa Park in Scotch Plains

With the hot summer days upon us, we all want to find fun places to take the kids. Ponderosa Park, a new 20-acre recreational area in Scotch Plains, is perfect for a day out. The biggest attraction there by far is the large spray park with various sprinklers and fountains.

In addition to the water play area, there is also a large barn-themed playground structure for ages 5-12, and a separate structure based on a general store design for those ages 2-5.

The playground also has swings and a “spider web” style climbing apparatus.

The playground’s perimeter has several animal cut-outs that provide endless amusement for the younger kids, as well as fantastic photo-ops for the adults.

However, the one thing this great kids playground does not have is shade.  The playground equipment, especially the slides, were very hot the 80+ degree day we were there. Also, the ground surface of the playground can get too hot for bare feet, so kids should be careful and avoid going barefoot outside the water area.

While the playground area is not covered, Ponderosa Park is surrounded by plenty of shady trees, perfect for relaxing under with a snack, or maybe a book or a game. There are also several picnic tables.

Other amenities at Ponderosa Park include playing fields and walking trails. There are also restroom facilities and plenty of parking.

After your day at the park, cool off at Scoops the Ice Creamery, where one of the kid favorites is Smurfs Ice Cream – blue vanilla with mini marshmallows.

Ponderosa Park is located at 1600 Cooper Road in Scotch Plains.

Scoops the Ice Creamery is located at 2014 US Highway 22 in Scotch Plains.

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