Science: It’s A Girl Thing is a Bad Thing

Science: It’s a Girl Thing is part of a campaign created  by the European Commission as an attempt to attract more women to the field of science. Nothing empowers our girls more than bad early 90s style music, dripping nail polish, stiletto pumps and a hunky guy in a lab coat—NOT. Maybe this movie was just released in Europe and inspired the Commission. Science can make you sexy girls, we promise! I’m surprised they didn’t call it “Science: It’s a Girl Thang,” it’s that outdated.

Want to encourage girls to get in to the field of science? Buy your daughters this CD. Take them to the American Museum of Natural History and the Liberty Science Center, but by all means DO NOT let them see this awful stereotypical, chauvinistic Science: It’s a Girl Thing video.

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  1. Ugh. Figures that the EC produced this. It’s tone deaf.

    A few years ago, when my daughter was about 12, Charlie Rose interviewed Lisa Randall, the Harvard physicist and hot blonde. (She’s also a bitch on wheels, but that’s beside the point.) I got all excited, taped the interview, got my daughter to watch it. “This is a really interesting physicist,” I said, “and she’s a woman.” To which the daughter replied, god bless her: “Dad, I’m interested in her because she’s a physicist, not because she’s a woman.”

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