“Tanning Mom” Case Referred to Grand Jury

Acting Essex County Prosecutor Carolyn A. Murray announced today that Patricia Krentcil’s case has been referred to a grand jury.

The mother from Nutley made national headlines in April after she was accused of taking her six-year-old daughter into a tanning bed, causing burns on her leg. New Jersey law prohibits the use of tanning beds by anyone under the age of 14.

Krentcil was arrested on April 24, and pleaded not guilty to the second-degree charge of child endangerment. She was previously scheduled to appear in Essex County Superior Court today for a plea disposition conference.

Krentcil told authorities and reporters that her daughter had gotten sunburn after playing outside on an unseasonably warm and sunny April day.

The Star Ledger reported that Krentcil, who remains free in lieu of $25,000 bail, also had to answer a warrant in Camden County on a probation violation from 2000. Court records revealed that she had plead guilty to unlawful theft that year.


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  1. I’m glad to see that things in Essex county are so quiet as to waste a grand jury’s time on this.

  2. She looks like the south park character Mr. Hankey and it’s so gross. How did her friends and family let this happen?

  3. Aweful. Just think, she’s some little kids mommy. It is gut wrentching to have this publicity and fear of your mom going to jail. They made her seem worse than an alcoholic…..and how many of those do we know, not in the public eye, not on the news, or reporters following you around. I think she if worse case senario DID bring kid in room, so what! She made a mistake. Don’t do it again! Let her kids get back to being normal kids.

  4. The kicker is she thinks she looks good and that women are just jealous of her. Go figure

    ..like telling your 85 lb. 16 yo daughter she’s dangerously underweight and she thinks she still has too much fat on her… go figure.

  5. The kicker is she thinks she looks good and that women are just jealous of her. Go figure

    yeah, like telling the 16 yo girl who weighs 85 lbs that she is dangerously underweight and she’s like, “oh no, I’m still too fat”. scary stufff

  6. .. yeah, like telling the impatient f#er to wait a few seconds for his post to show up and he’s like, “nah…, it didn’t take, I’ll write it again to be on the safe side.”

  7. what happened to the photo? and mellon – I too thought the post didn’t take once before, then I found out, one must wait a bit longer then we were used to.

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