Adult School of Montclair Gearing Up for Fall

The Adult School of Montclair doesn’t get into swing until the fall, but behind the scenes, its staff and board already have their sleeves rolled up. The catalogue is being designed, new classes are being thought up and a new board has been appointed, and charged with the mission of raising money for the organization.

Jon Bonesteel, president of the Adult School’s board, says the school has come to terms with the fact that the Montclair Board of Education is not going to pick up the benefits tab for its three and a half employees, or give the school a longer phase-in period for carrying those costs. “We’ve accepted that fact,” he says. “That’s done. It’s over with. We’re cool with them.”

The school board still provides the space the Adult School uses to run its programs and its liability insurance.

The Adult School of Montclair is going full speed into fundraising mode, asking directly for donations (see Bonesteel’s video below). It also is planning a major fundraiser next fall.

Meanwhile, there are some cool new classes planned for the fall: a course in backyard beekeeping, a Pinterest primer, the Art of Roasting with Molly Stevens and a speed dating event a Halcyon.

Here are the new members of the Adult School board: former town councilor Cary Africk; Ofira Bondorowsky, who been a fundraiser for the American Red Cross; Irisha Brown, a local business owner, YMCA and Adult School instructor and board member of the Montclair BID; Matthew Frankel, executive director of strategic partnerships at Montclair State University; Joseph Kavesh, attorney and commissioner on the Montclair Civil Rights Commission; and Robin Renn, a board member of BlueWaveNJ and a volunteer in the Writers Room.

ASM Summer Message from Jon Bonesteel on Vimeo.

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  1. I love ASM. They have a nice selection of treats in the lobby for the ride home after class. This year there will be a class/workshop for acoustic guitar songcraft with the oportunity to perform self-penned tunes for the class. I’ll be in that one. I’m still too lazy and chicken#### to go to the local open mics.

  2. For those who don’t know, ASM is a self-contained component of the MBOE, is insured under the MBOE’s liability insurance and pays an annual rental fee for the space it uses in the high school.

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