Big on the Big Screen on Montclair’s Church Street

Big, starring Tom Hanks and released in 1988, is next up in Montclair Film Festival’s Cinema Montclairisimo series. It’s one of those films that is great to see as a teenager, like I was the first time it was released, and again as an adult. There’s lessons to learn for both ages. This sweet  and charming movie is most famous for the piano scene at FAO Shwartz, but if you take your kids to see Montclair Film Festival’s screening of it on Church Street in a couple of weeks, I promise that you’ll remember another important thing—that “you’re only young once.” Enjoy life in the moment.

Cinema Montclairisimo: Big
Who: Tweens and older
What: Montclair Film Festival’s Cinema Montclairisimo Summer Series, screening family-friendly movies throughout the summer.
Where: Church Street, Montclair, NJ, 07042
When: Friday, August 10 Friday, August 17 at 8 pm.
Cost: Free

MFF’s series ends with another of my absolute favorite films, The Breakfast Club at the MSU Ampitheater on September 6.

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