Camp Ask Holly Week 4: Super Easy Superhero Capes

Ever since the day superheros became  mainstream, boys and girls have been tying blankies around their necks and making superhero capes. My son is no exception. When he requested a cape, his first choice was Captain America. A good choice I thought, the self acclaimed captain of our country. I decided making two capes made sense for playdates so I suggested Superman. My son said, “Who?” Then he asked my if I could make him an Iron Man cape. I had to stop myself when I began to explain why Christopher Reeve was far hotter than Robert Downey Jr.—and well Iron Man does not wear a cape, and…okay, Iron Man it is.

The base for the capes and the chest pieces.

My mother made a Superman and a Batman superhero cape for my brother the same way I made these capes and he wore them until they were shredded (I think he still may wear them around the house while cleaning) . I knocked out two in less than an hour. They are very, very easy.


Here is what you will need:

  • Felt: One yard of the main color and small pieces of the other colors
  • Fabric scissors
  • Hot glue or craft glue
  • A measuring tape or yard stick

Step One: Measure your child from their sternum over the shoulder to about the back of their knee. This will be your measurement from end to end.

Lift and glue one side and repeat with the other side

Step Two: Trace out your cape with a pencil on the felt. My cape was 44″ from end to end. From the front bottom of the chest piece to the neck hole was 14″. The neck hole was 7″ long by 6″ wide. The chest piece was 11″ wide and the width of the cape at the bottom was 35″. Now cut out the base of your cape.

Step Three: Trace your shapes for the chest piece and lay them out on the cape where you like them. Now glue them in place by lifting half of the shape up and gluing the underside of that half. repeat with the other side (see image). For Captain America I pulled out my china with multiple plate shapes and traced the plates. By going to Yahoo images you can adapt these capes to any super hero by finding their logo, cutting it out of felt for the chest piece. I totally improvised with Iron Man and my son was thrilled with how it came out.

My son was thrilled with his new superhero look, while I’m still trying to convince both of my kids that cleaning the living room without being asked or whining is indeed a superpower. LEGO Man could easily be a villain. Scattering tiny LEGOs all over the city and hiding the good citizens of Baristaville’s shoes. It would cripple us.

Supplies available at I’ve Got a Notion,  AC Moore and Michael’s

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