Celebrate Brooklyn Ezra Jack Keats Family Concert Featuring Sweet Honey in The Rock

BY  |  Friday, Jul 06, 2012 9:45am

The Ezra Jack Keats Family Concert at Celebrate Brooklyn is a great event, totally worth the trip to Brooklyn. My family has seen great Dan Zanes, Elizabeth Mitchell, Brady Rymer and more at the annual event. This year, your family can see Sweet Honey in The Rock.

Sweet Honey In The Rock is the internationally renowned a cappella ensemble that creates music out of the rich textures of African-American traditions, which makes them a perfect fit for the annual celebration of the trailblazing Brooklyn-born children’s book author Ezra Jack Keats. Keats introduced multiculturalism into mainstream children’s literature: he was one of the first children’s book authors to place his stories in an urban setting, and to use characters of color regularly as his protagonists.

Here is one of my favorites from Sweet Honey in the Rock:

Celebrate Brooklyn-Ezra Jack Keats Family Concert
What: Sweet Honey in The Rock will be the headliners in the annual Ezra Jack Keats family concert at Celebrate Brooklyn! This edition of our Ezra Jack Keats Family Concert marks the 50th anniversary of Keats’ most famous work, The Snowy Day, and as always will feature a reading before the music.
Where: Prospect Park Bandshell, 9th Street & Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, NY.
When: Saturday, July 8 from 4 pm – 7 pm.
Cost: Free / $3 suggested

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