Sandra Lee of the Food Network Films in Montclair

Sandra Lee, star of the Food Network’s “Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee” show and live-in girlfriend of New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, is in Montclair today.

She’s filming an episode for her new television show, “Restaurant Remakes,” which is scheduled to debut on the Food Network this fall. In her new show, the food makeover queen is taking her “30% fresh ingredients and 70% ready-made items” formula a step further, putting a culinary spin on items from restaurants and food establishments.

Lee’s staff bought four large loaves of banana and zucchini breads and a dozen croissants yesterday from the Montclair Bread Co. on Walnut Street. Rachel Crampsey, who took over the landmark establishment last May, says all she knows is that Lee plans to turn the delectable baked goods into a “gigantic trifle-like layer cake.”


Let’s hope the Montclair Bread Co.’s freshly baked treats don’t suffer the same fate as some items Lee purchased for one of her shows several years ago. She threw together store-bought angel food cake, chocolate frosting, apple pie filling, and corn nuts (yes, corn nuts — I couldn’t make that up.) Lee topped off the concoction with sausage-sized black, green and orange candles to create her now infamous Kwanzaa cake. Renegade food critic Anthony Bourdain called the video of Lee’s nervy creation: “eye-searing.”’s take: “…hilarious culinary disaster video.” My gradeschooler’s reaction: “Mom, that is a gross cake. Does Sandra Lee even celebrate Kwanzaa?”

The filming is taking place at an undisclosed location in Montclair. (OK, we know where, but we can’t tell you.) Have you spotted her around town? Are you a fan?

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  1. Did anyone see her house in the latest issue of Elle Decor? If this turns out anything like that, food or decorating wise, The Bread Co is in for a really rough ride.

  2. Happily, it’s not the Bread Company that’s being remodeled. I love that Kwanzaa cake video! The Onion couldn’t have done a better job!

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